Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Sun

After weeks of gray, cloudy, foggy, and rainy days...

we had a Christmas treat yesterday.
The sun came out.

Not for the whole day...

but just long enough to let us know that the sun is still there...behind the clouds,
and long enough to give us a dose of the green we've been lacking!

As planned, we had a quiet couple of days here on the farm.
We kept "the newlyweds" dog...Sammy (the other Sammy) for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The return of sunshine was so exciting,
we took all the dogs for a long hike.

Sammy ran and ran through the woods...

and met the neighbors...(Becky's old horse, Duffy, and pony, Shirley)

a different experience for this suburban dog.

It was too warm for me to try out my Christmas present, but I tried it on to show you...

New quilted coveralls for winter warmth!
They will keep me toasty warm in the cold of January and February!

Hubbs and I saw "Into The Woods" at the theatre last evening.
A lover of musicals, I was enchanted and found it to be great fun!
Oh, how I love the music.
Hubbs slept through half of the movie...maybe he was just really tired.
So there you have it....two different critiques!

Today I will be going into the woods myself...
to get the camera cards from our trail cameras.
Check back tomorrow for another installment of our Walk on the Wild Side.


  1. I'm not complaining about the sun at all . . . Truly has felt like spring around here. I am missing the snow but looking forward to getting some additional leaf clean up accomplished while the weather continues this December thaw!

    Great thermal duds for the freezing temps!

  2. Love your "onesie"...How perfect..Might be good for walking a dog as well...Yes, The sun was a welcome sight yesterday AM..It looks like it may be here to stay today...Yay!!

  3. It was great to see the sun yesterday and we were lucky to have it all day. You will definitely stay warm now.

  4. We've had so many dreary days as well. It beats sleet though, so I'm not complaining! Looks like you scored with your overalls. Enjoy your weekend!


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