Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Walk On The Wild Side....Week 11

There was a lot of traffic through the woods this week.
lots and lots of does.

I caught one young buck's image...

and the rest were does.

And some were very curious...


Oh, hello, there!

And naturally, no week is complete without scores of squirrel photos.
I think squirrels are just about the happiest of all animals,
as they hippity-hop and fly through the woods doing whatever it is that squirrels do all day!

There were single does and groups of does...
many of the photos were of a distance away, where they cross over this trail.
I am moving my camera closer to that crossing for next week.

I am not sure what the fox family has been up to,
but they were scarce (as in not seen) this week.

Of course our little possum, of whom I am sure we have hundreds,
always shows up in the photos.

No bear, no coyote, no bobcat, no raccoon...
slim-pickins this week.

However, the camera did seem to like the falling snow,

and even caught a little accumulation on this doe's shoulders...


  1. Like opening Christmas gifts! The good one is elusive however! I've been having a camera out for years and have only gotten a bobcat once. NO bears ever.

  2. The deer can be nosy. My husband walked into our dark living room one night, and there was a doe looking in the window! Made him jump a little. April

  3. I think there is one doe who is on to you and night time picture taking!


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