Monday, December 8, 2014

A Perfectly Perfect Day

There is a time of day that is quite magical...
those last few moments of darkness before the land begins to awaken with the rising sun.

With a full moon casting a glistening shimmer to the pond,
we start our day.

Without the birdsong that accompanies the other seasons,
the world is silent but for the rustle of wind high in the treetops 
and the occasional "who-whoooo" of a neighboring great horned owl.

It's this time of day, before the world has revealed itself, that is so ripe with possibilities.
A new day... a new adventure.

I breathe in the crisp winter cold...filling my lungs with the freshness of country air.
Across the front pasture the donkeys bray for their breakfast
as the sun starts to singe the horizon with its fiery rays.

Another day begins!

We quickly get started on Sunday morning chores...
making the rounds of all our critters...
feeding breakfast, changing waterers, cleaning manure, tidying-up coops and yards.

It's apparent that this is going to be a remarkably beautiful day.
After days of clouds and mixed precipitation, we relish the possibility of a sunny day.

And sunny it was... from start to finish...
a splendid day for all creatures... two legged and four.

Chickens gosipped...

Turkeys annoyed....

Sammy ignored...

Sid napped...

Goats observed...

Dogs had a woodsy adventure...

A perfect day from beginning to end.
One to be remembered during the gray days that are so prevalent this time of year.

And so, at the end of the day, we take a little ray of that perfect sunshine
and tuck it deep within our hearts...
a memory, a promise...
to be revisited as needed.

Dear's too beautiful a day for such a grumpy look!
"What's a girl to do?  All dressed up in her fur coat... and nowhere to go!"


  1. Missy looks so bored..She's beautiful any way..Beautifully written post Bev... once more demonstrating your amazing ability to express your feelings and describe the beauty that surrounds you....Love it!! Have a beautiful week..

  2. I love days like this to and waking before the dawn to watch and listen to the land and nature wake ! Lovely post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. we had a sunny day yesterday, back to a gloomy one today which i love. it looks like you are in for snow. we might only get a dusting. where is my winter???

  4. How wonderful that you can enjoy these cherished moments...And thank you for sharing it with us!


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