Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Day Off...

Yesterday was my Wednesday off from farm chores...
thanks to our friend and neighbor, Jim.

I used the day to finish all of my Christmas shopping
and wrapped the remainder of my presents.

Because I didn't do the chores, though, I took the dogs for an afternoon walk
to see the animals.
It's hard to go an entire day without seeing my friends.

Down the driveway we went...
Oakley and Annie leading the way...

Sammie beside me (of course)...

meeting Jim, on his way back up the driveway.

We stopped to see Ginger 

and MaryAnn for a little while.

These gals always love visitors and come running out of their house
grunting their little piggy "hello's".

A tiny bit of snow started to fall as we were walking.
And when we were finished making our rounds, we headed back to the house.

As I passed the little guest house that sits across the driveway from our house,
I thought perhaps you might like to take a peek inside.
I have not done much in the way of decorating for this little house...
(that remains a future project...suggestions appreciated!)
but it is a warm and cozy place for guests to stay...


  1. Such a wonderful setting surrounding your home. Places to walk and hike a bit. Perfect for all the dogs, animals . . . and a guest house too!
    Looks "snowless" around you too . . . If the warming trend continues things might start to bud!

  2. The guest house is adorable! So glad you have the day off. What a wonderful arrangement.

  3. I LOVE your "mini house" ! I could live in that full time. Only I would need a room for all my crafty things, knitting and sewing, scrap booking and card making. If you are looking for a neighbor...give me a call :)

  4. what a cute guest house! i love decorating projects!

  5. The animals are something else :-) And what a charming space the guest house is.

  6. You have such a comforting, musical voice...when you started the tour it sounded like you were telling a fairy tale.

    1. thank's funny how our own voice sounds to us compared to how it sounds to others!!!

  7. I'll let you know when I'm on my way! LOL!!! Love the cute guest house. Hugs!!

  8. An American in TokyoDecember 11, 2014 at 8:24 PM

    Love your "mini house"! I wish I could stay there!
    You have a beautiful farm with lots of open areas. I only hope someday to live somewhere like that! =)
    Thank you for sharing your farm with us!


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