Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter's Early Arrival

As with most of the country,
Winter has moved into Pennsylvania way ahead of schedule.

Frigid winter winds are blowing...
sending temperatures plummeting down to what we normally expect in January.

We are back in the season of liberal helpings of hay...

I have gathered baby kale from the garden, trying to save it from freezing...
using it in soup, salads, smoothies.

Over the past few days I have changed all of the water buckets to heated buckets, 
and have winterized faucets, beehives, and my wardrobe.

UnderArmor is the uniform of the day, with warm wooly socks and sweatshirts.
(not terribly fashion-forward, but oh so comfy!)

The fireplace is roaring, helping to reduce the need for our heating system.
When we built this house, we put in a fireplace that had the ability to blow hot air.
It burns very efficiently, sending most of its warmth out into the house rather than up the chimney.

Yesterday, after vacuuming and laundry chores were complete, I sat and soaked in the warmth
of that fire.  Sammy was on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Oakley on my right...

and Annie on my left beside me on the couch...

soup on the stove...

homemade rolls in the oven...

knitting in my lap...

(check out this cool Yarn Susan that I had a friend make for me...
it spins on bearings, allowing the yarn to come off the ball as needed.
No more runaway balls of yarn!)

feet propped on a tiny quilt that I made Hubbs when we first built our home...

"We take a tree, or many trees, as our own,
respecting the stories they contain and the lives they have led.
Of them we create a dwelling,
made beautiful by their presence and strength
and we live within their warm embrace in a place called home."
                                                     Joella DeVillier

(Hubbs and I have always thought of our home as a living organism...
made of wood.  This quote says it so well.)

It's so cozy I even eat lunch in front of the fire...
rocket salad (arugula) with feta and strawberries.

Ahhhh....there's nothing better than this!

Winter affords us the time to relax and catch up on projects long forgotten during the busy
gardening months.
And although it is bitter cold outside at chore time,
coming back in to a roaring fire makes it tolerable.


  1. Looks and sounds as cozy as Miggs and I on these cold days . We got quite a but of snow and the temps dipped down to -19 with the wind chill . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Good Morning. I didn't even notice your fashion statement but rather your tiny quilt...I was so excited when I scrolled down and could get a good look at it. Then I was wondering what it said in the corner...scroll a bit more and there is was and what a wonderful quote...thanks for sharing.

  3. i could live somewhere that has this weather all year long! the dogs sure know how to relax! i LOVE that knitting spool! does your friend sell them?

  4. Looks very warm and cozy by the fireplace! Love the yarn you'r using, great idea!

  5. I can feel that fireplace warmth here in Michigan . . .
    Have you been getting the snow too?

  6. I love Annie's leg in the picture of your legs, she must be so comfy! TerriC

  7. It is very cold here but staying warm. Your home is so beautiful. What our you knitting??? Have a great day, stay warm!

  8. Knowing you have that warm fire burning must make it so much easier to get your chores done. It looks absolutely cozy. Stay toasty!

  9. Oh that soup looked mighty good.this time of the year I wish we had a fire place!

  10. Boy has winter moved in early. Love how "all" are enjoying relaxing in front of the fire. It sure looks cozy! Stay warm, Hugs!!

  11. The perfect place to be...right in front of that super cozy fire with your best pals, your knitting and fond memories in your sweet home. Love it and that salad looks yummy!


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