Thursday, November 20, 2014

On Dressing Dogs

With Winter's early arrival,
I have had to start putting dog coats on the dogs in the morning for chore time.

Oakley and Sam are used to this routine.

Oakley was oblivious...

Sam, mildly annoyed...

Annie, spastic (at first)...

It took a half hour for her tail to come back out from between her legs.
"I don't understand, Mom.... what did I do to deserve this?"

You see, Tuesday morning I took only Sam out with me for chores.
Annie had been limping so I decided to give her a day of rest.
I left Oakley home to keep her company.
By the end of morning chores, Sam was sitting in the gator shivering.
Wednesday morning the dog coats came out of storage.

By the time we finished chores yesterday, all three were romping and playing in their usual style.

Normally, I am not big on clothing dogs,
however when the winter gets bitter cold,
they seem a little more comfortable for the lengthy time it takes to do chores.

The coats are by Weatherbeeta (a company that makes horse blankets)
and I have always been very happy with the quality of their dog coats.

PS...Annie's coat is a hand-me-down from Hickory
(our elderly Norfolk Terrier who passed about 2 years ago)
A new, larger version is on order for Annie.


  1. i would not want to put one of those on teddy. thank goodness she doesn't need one!

  2. Thank you for the info . . . I checked out Weatherbeeta and they have many styles to consider. Snickers is not a fan of "coat time" but I usually put one on for our walks. Especially in bitter cold and wind like we have had the past few weeks!

  3. Yes I have gotten Molly's coats out too. She has a hand-me-down from hickory as well for which we are very grateful. I guess were to have a little warm-up before another cooldown. Happy Thursday!

  4. Good Morning Bev..OH LOOK you have no are we getting it. I use the same make of coat on Harry..they are fantastic. I also have a rain coat for him. Doodles absorb natural oils..ugh!! Pups all look so happy and comfortable in there jackets. I also never used to worry..but as I see the difference am now a big believer in the coats. Hope you can avoid snow a little longer. This is not fun.

  5. My poor maltese Lily has Cushing disease and she has lost all her fur so have had to get her a sweater for being indoor as she was just naked!!! and she is very happy now no drafts running on her bare skin.

    Annie v.

  6. I had to laugh at Oakley's photo. He looks like a rather grumpy old man wrapped in a plaid bathrobe. Poor Annie thinking her coat was punishment. Come real winter weather I think she will be grateful for having a coat to wear outdoors. I'm glad she has stopped limping & was able to forget about being made to wear clothing once all the dogs started playing.

  7. Animals is just like kids, they dont want to wear anything to help keep them warm, lol.

  8. Our female pup was so scrawny the first couple of years of her life that I really had no choice but to put a coat on her.... she literally shivered otherwise. It was so cold last year that I worried about the pads of her feet so am considering getting her some boots this year. Your pups look wonderful in their coats! Oh, and yes, Some dogs pass gas LOUDLY! LOL

  9. It's like having your arms wrapped anoind your furry babies!


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