Monday, November 3, 2014

My Favorite Day Of The Year

Have I ever told you that my favorite day of the year is the Sunday 
that we turn the clocks back?

It is!  Really!
I were thinking....why not Christmas, or her birthday, or some other occasion!
But no.... all-time favorite day of the year?.... end of daylight savings!

To me there is nothing better than having an extra hour in a day...
a true luxury!

I don't turn my clocks back until after morning chores on Sunday.
That way, that extra hour is added on to the rest of my Sunday.

No, I don't waste it by sleeping an extra hour.

I prefer to be awake for that hour....
and enjoying all that is around me!

We took a couple of hikes yesterday.

It was a beautiful, sunny...but harshly windy and
Just a taste of what lies around the corner.

Brisk wind.
Crunchy leaves.

Happy dogs.
A great day!

While walking down the driveway past our front pasture,
I spied these pink "things" hanging from a bush.

I have never seen these before,
and don't know what to call them...seed?  berry?
To me they look like hot-pink popcorn!

Do you know what they are??


  1. They are called spindle berries. What a lovely find!

  2. The berries are poisonous to goats, who seem to the be only animal that will eat them, however.

    1. Thanks for the info.....luckily they are no where near the goats.

  3. i hate daylight savings so i am always glad to let it go! i love this time of year. everything is golden!

  4. Love your hot-pink popcorn!! Just a little update from our neck of the woods....We got over a foot of snow yesterday!! Have never seen this much this early!! Off to look up spindle berries. Thanks for sharing the name, Candice.

  5. I, too, love EST...Evenings seem "cozy"...Glad you found out about Spindle Berries..I didn't know what they were..That's what's great about blog land..There is usually someone who knows..Have a good week..

  6. Great berries! I'm off to look them up also!

  7. I don't like the daylight savings time lol I like both bright mornings and evenings lol ! I have never seen a seed like that before very unusual yet pretty ! Lovely photos , seems we are having the same weather . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. I wish they would stop messing around with the clocks altogether. The only thing it accomplishes is more heart attacks, more car accidents and since not all states acknowledge time change, it confuses people trying to do business with those in other time zones even more. But since we are stuck with it right now, I do the same thing you do and get up the same time Sunday morning and then turn the clock back an hour to make the day a little longer. Your Spindle Berries are like a pop of spring visiting autumn. A beautiful color to add to a dried flower arrangement. The dogs must have loved all the walking. Poor Sammy, that last photo caught him in a less than attractive pose. I don't know if the shot was intentional or no one noticed. Oh well, there is no privacy when your out in the woods.

  9. What a wonderful way to spend an extra hour!

  10. Hot pink popcorn is amazing...never seen it either. Yes, this time change really messed me up this year. I have alarms for meds on my fitbit and was camping near mountain time and somehow my fitbit was able to change the time on it's I didn't take my meds at the right time. I drove into the time zone change a little ways and then my phone was off by two hours because it didn't change for day light saving until I turned it off.....I never knew what time it was!! I will have to remember to stay away from a time zone when dlst changes.


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