Thursday, November 6, 2014

Feeding Time....Not!

It's late in the afternoon and there is one clear message from all the critters
all over the farm....

"Over here!"

"We are hungry!"

"Yeah....we are starved!"

Believe me, everyone gets plenty of feed and plenty of grazing...
but if you ask them... they never get enough!
Well, everyone except maybe for Fred...he never strays far from the food!

They often resort to using guilt...
like eating their own manure.
This is a favorite ploy of Moonbeam.

What he wants me to think is that he is so starved...
he will resort to manure munching if not fed...

Donnie licks the rubber mat...
"Maybe there's a microscopic morsel of food here!"

And Ollie...
Ollie says..."If I could just stretch my lips a little farther,
I am sure I could reach a few morsels of hay on the other side of the fence!"

You are all pathetic!

Yes, even the piggies try to convince me that they are half starved to death!

It's obvious to me that they are bluffing!

"It's hard to believe you're starving, MaryAnn, with that food on your teeth!"
"And while I am on the subject of about brushing yours once in a while!"


  1. so funny!animals never forget mealtime! if i am 5 minutes off of teddy's schedule she finds me and just stares at me until i feed her.

  2. I think when they see you all pretty and close by they think FOOD!
    And you thought they loved you . . . bet it is just the food they are interested in!
    (I think a bit of LOVE too . . .)

  3. OMG...Huge guilt trip...I'm sure they could all go for a few days without starving...Animals have that built in "Time to eat " clock..

  4. Too funny, I have only one little dog and I fall for the "HEY, I'm SO hungry!" all the time and share my breakfast toast! It's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm a patsy for that "I'm STARVED!" look.

  5. I'm with them. Can't you just see their ribcages?!? Starving I tell you!! 😛


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