Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Did We Put Our Summer Clothes Away Too Soon?

Yesterday had us thinking twice about the decision to put our warm weather clothes
away for the year!

With temperatures approaching 70 degrees,
the goats were wishing they could take off their thick wooly winter coats.

Hang in there, kids...
Old Man Winter is fast approaching.

Fast...as in tomorrow.

We are predicted a 3 to 5 inch snowstorm tomorrow,
so those winter coats will come in mighty handy!

Our goats grow the wooliest fur in the winter time...
insulating them from even the harshest cold.

And when the snow flies, and the cold winds blow,
they stay tucked warm and dry inside their houses with plenty of hay to munch.

I should be so lucky!

Here's what Moonbeam thinks of 3 to 5 inches....


  1. Yikes, you will be covered in white and just think how clean your world will look. That is if you only stayed indoor and looked from afar. I'm sure you will be thankful that the winter clothes are out and ready to bundle up. Can't wait for pictures! Hugs!!

  2. We didn't reach the seventy mark but it was warm wet windy and then it changed abruptly!
    All the snow vanished in the rain and warmth and all the snow returned and is still returning . . .
    Get ready!

  3. i sure hope we get some snow but it might not make it this far. yesterday was just weird. we had horrible winds!

  4. I agree with Moonbeam..I heard 6-8 a little while ago..Temps (lo's) in the teens til the weekend when it warms up again...We'll see.!!


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