Friday, November 21, 2014

A Rootin' Tootin' Blog Post

Today there are two burning issues that I need to talk about.
One of them is a delicate subject.
(If you know me well, you know that no subject is taboo.)
I'll save the delicate part for last...that way you can stop after story #1.

At any given moment on any given day, you will find about half of my chickens
within the confines of the goat pasture.

They spend their days here grazing on the grass,
sipping from the goat waters,

and seeking shelter in the goat houses.

It wasn't until quite recently that I found out that a few of the gals
have taken to laying eggs in the goat houses.

I suppose a couple of them fancy themselves a little too good for dormitory style
egg-laying like the rest of the flock.

It seems that a few prefer private accommodations instead.

Now, every afternoon during egg pick-up...
I have to search all of the goat houses for clusters of rogue eggs.

Ah-hah!  There you are!  I've caught you red-combed....

And there is the evidence to prove it!

Oops.... "Hi there, Smoochie!  Are you hiding any contraband in there?"

Now that I know to check all of the goat houses, our daily egg numbers have increased to
3-3 ½ dozen per day.
The funny thing is, that while most flocks are slowing down this time of year,
autumn is when my flock starts ramping up production.
Go figure.
I have always credited having heat lamps that go on for the evening hours and the early morning hours as helping this situation.
Nowadays, though, with this cold, the heat lamps stay on all night.
(Gotta protect all of those combs from nightly freezes!)

Alrighty then....
My second subject has to do with my best buddy, Oakley.

We have been aware ever since the first day that this handsome fellow came to live with us,
that he has a bit of an issue with his colon.
Horrible, awful, stinky flatulence.

Now, I am aware that this can sometimes be an issue with dogs.
But I have never met a dog who "toots" out loud like this fellow.
I ask this common?
Is this something of which I have never been aware before now?
I have to tell you... this fellow toots several times a day and acts as if it's nothing.
Not even a quick look of "excuse me" from him,
nor as I have seen other dogs do....look around the room as if to say "who did that?"
Nope, this fellow is an unabashed, unapologetic tooter!
...and one who can clear a room in no time flat!
Now tell me you're not fascinated!

PS...don't forget to check back tomorrow for another
Walk On The Wild Side!


  1. Chickens are a strange brood I remember that some of ours used to lay their eggs in our barn stalls tucked in the corner rather then the coop lol ! As for gassy Oakley he may be eating poop of some sort as our Miggs gets like that cause she eats bunny poop the vet said the bunny poop is ok and it wont hurt her but she gets gassy and pew she stinks and yes we hear her let it rip ! sometimes bloat can cause the gas to ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  2. Silly chickens! They're probably snickering as they watch you check all the goat houses for eggs now!

    I can't say that I've ever heard a dog toot but I've sure smelled them and man, you're right, they can clear a room, haha! I'm so happy my LizzieBelle doesn't have gas. And I'm really hoping that I just didn't jinx myself... Maybe try a different food? Course it could be something she nibbles on while outside and there's no stopping that. You might need to buy some Poopourri. And yes, it's an actual product with a hilarious video. Google it, you'll love it!

  3. our dog was gassy too, apparetnly after eating chiccken. We gave him a spoon of olive oil once a week, and it alliviated a little the problem

  4. I used to have a lab who would look at hisBottom every time he passed gaslike,"Where did that come from?"finding eggs on your farm must be like an Easter egg hunt.

  5. I completely understand. I have a Bloodhound who can clear a room in no time. She has no idea what she is doing. Even when she is sleeping

  6. Track Greyhounds are notoriously gassy. That particular breed seems to have mastered the "Silent but deadly" variety. However, our Great Dane is also an unabashed tooter. In both cases, I've found that roughly 1/2 cup of yogurt with live cultures added to the breakfast/dinner kibble can really help the stink factor quite a bit. Good luck!

  7. Oh Oakley, I'm sure Mama loves you anyway with all you rootin & tootin!! Now for renegade chickens?? All I can say is good luck with retraining. I think your doomed to continue the goat house search. Looking forward to trail cam tomorrow! have a great weekend, hugs!!

  8. Labs are known tooters. They also eat anything gross they come upon. Yuk. I have a questions for you, how do you keep your barn cats away from the chickens and chicks? I think my cat would devour all the poultry he could find.

  9. oakley you little stinker!!! i think in 9 years i might have heard teddy fart twice. it's below a chows dignity to blow one out.they are too proper for such a thing. the guys in my house....that's a different story!

  10. I am assuming you have never spent any time around a Boston Terrier? Such large odors from such small cuteness . . . You might try probiotics - they work for all mammals (there are even some for cattle). Good luck, and there is always Vick's Vapor Rub swiped under your nose, ha! :-) Deb

  11. I have a Boston Terrier who has lethal gas. Chobani yogurt seems to help.

  12. A friend has a Frenchie that farts like crazy. Probiotics in yogurt works, but it's an everyday thing for life.

  13. You can't blame the chickens for enjoying the roomier accommodations! And as far as Oakley...sounds like many a husband/man that I can think of. No remorse whatsoever... *sigh* I do believe, it's a "guy thing".

  14. Oh, we had a weim that would let "em rip and could clear the room. Never did find anything to help. Now we have a weim/dobie mix and she is just as loud, but, thank heavens, not as stinky. Gotta love them anyway!

  15. I have a geriatric one eyed pug that coughs and farts at the same time. It's hilarious. And stinky. It's always been the case with her. Seems to get worse when she eats any table food (eggs, steak, etc) but better when she's just on her all meat dry food. I blame her age. And the fact that she's a pug.
    Oakley's face just gets me - such a kind, loving, open face. I just love those dogs of yours!

  16. I must say my weiner dog, Rosie never passes gas. I did have a cocker spaniel who passed gas alot and I really think he liked the smell; he would go around in circles smelling his bottom. Crazy animals. Got to love em!

  17. My Max the Wonderdoodle was a terrible tooter, until I switched him to a grain free dry food. He still sometimes has issues, but only if he gets into something he shouldn't (like the cat food or chicken food).

  18. And Oakley looks so sad about this's not my fault Mommie! I love the story about the fun to see what they are up to on your farm. Mine too are enjoying their warm lamps and producing eggs everyday.

  19. Laughing out loud at the "rootin tootin"! Not a problem with our Snickers except for one evening we exclaimed, "Who Did THAT!"

  20. I spend SO much time trying to track down eggs! They love laying in the hay feeders, under the hay feeders, close to the hay feeders... And now a few are flying over the fence into the backyard. I suspect they have a nest somewhere, but maybe the dog is eating the eggs before I find them? I'll keep looking!

  21. My hens lay in all kinds of secret hiding places, and as soon as I find a stash of eggs, they go and find another spot. Poor Oakley, it would appear he is oblivious to his little problem. I know there is one brand of dog food I always avoid, as it seems to have this affect on any dog I have ever given it to.



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