Saturday, October 11, 2014

Walk On The Wild Side #2

Hubbs and I headed over to the 100 Acre Wood yesterday morning...
the moon was still out...

the sun rising in the East...

a magnificent fall sky!

We took the dogs for a run and removed the camera cards from the trail cam...
over 300 photos in all.
I felt like a child on Christmas morning...the excitement of seeing packages under the tree...
and not knowing what might be in any of them!

What we learned this week is:
we have a LOT of squirrels in our woods.
Probably a third of our photos were squirrels busily gathering nuts and running to and fro.

Here are the photos of interest:

some very unusual WILD life....

I really should tell Becky that there is a trail cam set up in the tent clearing...
(Becky and Sid)

The next several photos came from the tent clearing. 
You can see the platform for our tent on the right.
This tent was destroyed by a big snowstorm last winter.
Hubbs rebuilt the platform this summer and we will re-construct a tent in this space 
this coming spring.

A hawk!

Lots of deer come through here...there were lots of pictures,
I will share the best.

Most of the pictures are a little blurry, as the deer seem to move quickly through here.
The buck below had a nice set of antlers.

From the camera overlooking a deer trail in the woods, we got these pics...
(and a whole lot of squirrels!)

An opossum....

I have no idea what this is, but it moved very fast...


  1. How fun! There's a whole world going on out there!

  2. The squirrels around here are very active right now I guess they're getting ready for winter. No bears yet!

  3. That is so cool. I have some new critters here that are eating all kinds of things in my garden, sure would love to know what some of them are. I just caught a glimpse of something yesterday, a bunny, I think. I also saw a snake about 3 ft long...just a garter type. And the deer came in and did a real number on two trees. I am bummed about that as I have been babying them for some time. Hope they will come out of it.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures at the farm.

  4. Fun post . . . makes me want to purchase a "woods camera!"

  5. How fun, like a kid in a candy shop waiting to see what to choose. That almost looked like a black cat but a big black cat!!! On to next's weeks find!

  6. The ladt picture looks like one of your kitties out for a romp.


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