Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things I Love About October

October just might be my all time favorite month.
I could actually write a daily blog all month long highlighting all that I love about this month!

The mornings....cold and crisp (36 degrees yesterday... I wore my winter jacket)...

Working outside in this weather is invigorating.
I move faster.
I can work harder and longer than summertime when the heat and humidity wilt me.

I am not the only one who is energized by the morning chill...

By afternoon, the sun has warmed up the farm and I can work in just a sweater.
The animals love afternoon naps in the sun...

Note, that only Sam is sleeping here...

Bad Annie and Bad Oakley went for a 
five hour run yesterday...by all accounts ignoring the "good girl" collar beeps.
I am guessing they were out of range.
(Although this particular collar is to have a range beyond a mile and a half...
for some reason it just wasn't working for Annie yesterday.)

Oakley:  "Im too exhausted to play ball!"

Needless to say, I was a bit frantic by the time they found their way home again.

Sammy: "I'm so glad you're home... I had no one to play with all afternoon!"

This canine infraction occurred as I was head-down in the garden...
pulling weeds.

I've digressed... back to a few things I love about October...

The foliage...

the beauty berries...

purple asters...

fairy tale pumpkins...

And fall decorating...

Pumpkins and crows celebrate the season...

I love to set up autumn vignettes...
it would be so much fun to own an antiques shop...
I could decorate to my heart's content!

I try to tuck a little autumn into every space...

Days are getting much shorter.
And with longer evenings, I have more time to work on knitting projects.

This is the beginning of a shawl.
I swear I must have lived a previous life in the 18th century.
I would rather wear a shawl than a sweater any day!
(Truth be told, I'd be happy in long skirts, too!)

Have you watched the Starz series, Outlander?
It takes place in 18th century Scotland
and the costuming is filled with all sorts of wonderful knitwear.
Between my Mom and I... we are making it our goal
to replicate each and every piece that we see in that show!
The costume designer has a blog....you can see it here.

I also did a little staining and varnishing of these three old wooden ladders...

At one time they must have been painted, but now most of the paint has worn away,
so I stained them a dark walnut...allowing what paint is left to show through.
These three ladders have a part to play in next summer's wedding decor.


  1. The horses look like they are having a great time kickin' up heir heels! October is indeed a month to enjoy.
    What is that machine with the iron wheel on the left side? I'd love to hear the story about that. It's gorgeous.

    Enjoy your cooler temps! We're still in the 80's. :0/

    1. Good morning Daisy! That machine is a Ross Cutter No 5....made by E W Ross and Co, Springfield, Ohio. It is a silage cutter. It dates anywhere from just after the Civil War to the very early 1900's... I found it in an antique shop for a steal...it still had original paint but was faded to a pinkish color. I threw a little stain/varnish on to darken it up but still retain the old paint. It's a great piece to display things on...and I love, love, love old heavy iron! The gears still move nicely.

  2. i love seeing the horses galloping around. what's not to love about fall? teddy is out from 4:30 am until 10:00 at night with just a short nap in the middle. i feel like i could run with the horses!

  3. Love your Fall decorating. The pumpkins have such interesting textures and dark colors. Can't believe how much the trees have changed in the week since we were there for our visit. So very lovely. Thanks for sharing with those of us who don't have 4 seasons to enjoy!

    1. Look at those horses go! It almost gave me energy this morning. We are still in the high eighties daily, what's with Oregon. I'm sure our gray skies and rain will be here soon. So until then I'm enjoying the warmth. Love all you pumpkins and fall vignettes. Enjoy your day, Hugs!!

  4. Yes fall is energizing,Although it's all relative.your house looks wonderful and so colorful. I have done very little I guess because there's very little to do.Love the video with Moonbeam kicking up his heelsand joined by his buddies. Lots of spirit there.wouldn't you just love to be on his back Llooks like a good old fashion free for all.Yes, autumn has come to Bee Haven acres in grand style. Great job!

  5. Your decorating is wonderful! Also, I absolutely love the Outlander series and watching has been a dream come true. I wish I could knit, because they certainly have some beautiful items.

  6. That is one cool looking piece of machinery! Do you use anything on your pumpkins? They seem to have a nice warm 'glow'?

  7. Can I live there? It looks so perfect.

    It's 95 degrees here today.

  8. I have to add that that video of the horses is like poetry. I can't wait to show it to my mother. She's a horse fanatic, and half the thrill of our upcoming trip to Disney World has been the thought of seeing the horses at Fort Wilderness again. (We're both pretty in love with the horses there). They're such beautiful... and I find very sweet as well... creatures.

  9. The horses look like they are having so much fun kicking up their heels & you can see what powerful animals they are when running at full gallop. I loved seeing the littles having such fun racing around the pasture & Moonbean is magnificent as always. A bit scary seeing the dogs chasing the horses so closely that they risk being kicked with a strong shoed hoof. I hope they stay out of the pasture when you are not there. Your fall decorating is wonderful as always. I am so in love with all your wonderful antiques. They make such great stages for decorating. Have your hung your bell yet? I have never seen pumpkins like the ones you have grown. They really do look like fairy tail pumpkins. They almost look too perfect to be real. I guess training Annie to stay within her confines is a one step forward and two steps backward process. She & Oakley apparently feel they have no boundaries to where they can run off to. I thought the shock collar had cured Annie of going out of bounds, but guess not. At least they didn't return skunked. I will look forward to see how your ladders are used as part of the wedding props. October is usually my favorite month too, but our weird weather still had us in the 90+ heat yesterday. I too wilt in the summer and am waiting to be revived by a chilly October morning. I hope our fall is not delayed much longer. I am wanting to bake & start my quilting, but it is too hot for that right now. You have many great reasons for loving October. I hope the month is fulled with chilly mornings & sunny days at the farm.

  10. Lovely post and photos I loved watching the horses kick up their heals in the video ! It has been raining here a lot . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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