Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Wild Calls Me

Yesterday was Wednesday, my usual day off from farm chores.
Having spent the morning doing household chores and errands,
I decided to take the pups for a walk to the barn in the afternoon.
They were in dire need of burning off mass quantities of energy!

The weather was splendid... 65, sunny and windy.

We started down the driveway, Annie and Oakley ahead...

Sammy and I walking together,
and Bobby bringing up the rear.

As the wind blew through the dry leaves,
I heard the wild calling my name softly over the rustling.
A walk to the barn would be fun, but a walk in the woods....
much, much better!
And so we made an about-face and headed back up the driveway to the back of the house.
Here, we headed out through the woodpile and into the wild.

The dogs love to run through the woods... so much to smell...such an adventure.

Even Bobby came traipsing down through the crunchy leafed forrest floor.

Hmmmmm...who lives in here?

We headed down the hill towards our open field...

a field we are hoping one day holds a house or two for our kids....

and we hiked towards the far corner... 

where a stream runs parallel

 to this leaf-covered dirt road.

Here we played a game of fetch.

Me, throwing the ball into the stream... and the dogs taking turns retrieving it.

Except Sam...his idea of playing fetch is to drive Oakley crazy!
After all, who can run with a Sammy on their back!

All of my dogs love the water, but none of them swim.

They are content to wade where they can touch bottom but no further.

So I threw the ball into the shallow areas and they happily brought it back to me.

As we turned around and headed the opposite way, I heard a faint meowing coming
down through the woods.

Bobby had followed us the whole way...

and continued on our walk with us.
Bobby, the incredible hiking cat!

I thought we should give you a little demonstration of just how well Annie listens to me
these days (I light of her going AWOL on Monday).
As long as she is within earshot, she really does very well...
you be the judge...


  1. An American in TokyoOctober 9, 2014 at 4:10 AM

    Annie IS a good girl!! (Sometimes she just wants to go off on her own, I guess?)

    Bobby the hiking cat! ha ha!
    My friends used to own a cat and take it for walks on a leash. I always thought it was kind of weird, but then we are in a city with lots of people and cars and other distractions. I think Bobby knows he is safe as long as he stays with you and the gang. What a fun walk for him as well!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful place to take a hike. Go Annie!

  3. what a good girl annie is!!!! and what a beautiful place to walk. teddy hates getting her feet wet but when she sees a lake, she goes right in and swims and swims! go figure.

  4. This was one of my favorite blog posts! Love to see your surrounding woods and acreage...just beautiful, especially this time of year. Would love to own property like yours someday (so our apartment kitties will be able to roam free in the woods as yours fun to see Bobby along for the walk)!

  5. Good girl Annie!i'll have you know that both max and mollie came when you called as well.bobby's amazing.Max would probably have to be with the gang as well. Beautiful ,day great company .what more could you ask for?

  6. What a wonderful day you had walking though all that beauty. I love how Bobby hiked the whole distant with you. I have to agree with all, Good girl Annie! Enjoy your Fall Days!, Hugs!!

  7. How wonderful to be able to walk in the woods in your own backyard! These Fall days are so beautiful...much the same here although no wind this week..yay!

  8. Such beautiful countryside! What a great place for your children to build a home - We are thinking along the same lines here. I loved walking your woods with you and am in awe of your cat following you all that way! You can see in his expression he is a sweet soul.

  9. What a beautiful day for a hike on your own property. Any one of your kids would be so fortunate to be able to build a home on that land with that amazing view. Annie has really improved on her coming when called. Sammy did not look as enthusiastic about it. I knew I liked Bobby a lot when he decided to move from the barn to the garage & made it happen. Following you the whole way on your walk is unusual for a cat. I have had cats in the past who start out walking behind us, but as soon as we are past their territory they would meow like crazy. Either they panicked because they were beyond their marked territory or they thought we had exceeded our boundary & were telling us to turn around & go home. Bobby looked very at ease during your walk. I think he is a trusting soul & figured that where ever you were going was safe for him. Most cats seem to be wary of woods they live near. Probably smart given all the predators that wouldn't hesitate take a cat. I'm glad you & the dogs and Bobby had a nice walk together on your day off from farm chores.

  10. Wow that Annie really comes to you when you call. How awesome. and I Love that Bobby the wonder cat....

  11. Wow that Annie is a good dog! And I LOVE Bobby the wonder cat. He's awesome!!! I love that he hikes along with you. Must be that "curiosity" thing goin' on!!! Great blog!


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