Friday, October 10, 2014

The Moment That I Realized That My Donkeys Are Much Better Looking Than I

Did you have a chance to see the full moon this week?
If you did not...
I saved one just for you!

Isn't that just spectacular?
I never tire of looking at the nighttime sky.
I am fascinated by the moon and stars and the enormity of what lies beyond.
Mind-boggling, not?

Yesterday, I awoke to a beautiful sunny day...

I love seeing our horses grazing in the front pasture!

Every morning as the school bus passes the front pasture,
I imagine the kids inside looking out seeing the horses and donkeys grazing.
When I was a child, this sight would have been my favorite part of the morning...
it still is!

By afternoon, clouds moved in with the threat of rain looming.
I believe that rain will be with us today.

I took a little extra time to visit with Daphne and Chloe.

One of my favorite things is to sit in the dirt of their dry lot and just let them hang out with me.

They nibble my hair, my boots, my hands...

They rest their heads on my shoulders.
(I tried to take a selfie with the girls and I.... goodness... I looked a wreck!) asked for it.... make up...don't think I even brushed my hair....yup.....a wreck!
But, life's too short for letting vanity get the best of me.

I love these two gals.
They are sweet and gentle and tolerant.

Ok, well maybe not to the dogs....
but certainly with humans they are wonderful!

I also spent a little time working on wedding things.
Burlap bows, for decorating, with fabric flowers in the center...

And then made a couple of bracelets....
(one - olive green, one - purple, both fairly small)

I truly need to get bracelets into my marketplace.
(Note to self...add a few hours to each day!)

Tomorrow is Saturday...
time for a Walk On The Wild Side #2.
I will be sharing this week's photos from our two trail cams in the 100 acre woods.
I can hardly wait to see what we caught this week!
Stop by tomorrow and I will share it with you!


  1. What a lovely sight,the moon. And the girls,they must be really docile. Can't wait to see what shows up on the woods can Have a great weekend.

  2. Such a beautiful moon shot. It crept up on us through the oak trees and was just beautiful. And those bracelets of yours get me every time! I might "need" one of those olive green ones to go with the first one I got from you that I wear a few days every week. You are so talented. I'll reach out to you by email. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I sure wish I was on that school bus!! I know I would rather of been on the farm than headed to school!! Love your wedding bows! Can't wait to see what the cam has to show us.

  4. Oh donkey love! I feel like I'm on that school bus every time I open your blog. I get to peer through this window and dream I lived there and get to play with all the animals.This computer screen is my window into the big wide world. I can't wait to see if anything shows up on the cam. Til tomorrow, hugs!!

  5. Great shot of the moon, wish I had a camera that good. You look great sands makeup! So much fun with the donkeys. Great weather, hope we keep having it. Can't wait to see what you captured on film.

  6. I remember how you said a while back you had had trespassers, hopefully the cameras will keep these at bay. We have them all over our property and they come very handy at times!!!

    Annie v.

  7. Fantastic post and photos ! When I was a kid I didn't like leaving the farm and animals to get on the bus and go to school but when I got home I was soo happy and spent the school evenings doing home work with the animals every time I miss that part . The weather has been sunny windy and fresh here . It is our Thanksgiving this weekend so making lots to eat with the family ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  8. You and the donkeys are adorable..None of you needs makeup..Great pictures..Yes, Nature provides us with such beauty...(I'm referring to the moon now) :) Have a wonderful weekend..

  9. Love the great lunar photo. It looks close enough to reach out & touch it. The thing I miss most about living near a big city is not being able to see the stars. One of my top 5 on my bucket list is going somewhere so far away from civilization & artificial lights so I can view the stars & constellations the way they were meant to be seen. You are so lucky to live where you can enjoy moon & stars any clear night.
    You are the 1st person I know who decorates their pasture for fall. Really cute display of squash & pumpkin. The bows for the wedding are darling. I love the combination of the burlap & the fancy floral center. Sort of a plain & fancy theme. It must feel good to be able to check off all these small projects months ahead of the wedding date. The bracelets are great too. I'm pretty sure that passing your place on the school bus would be my favorite part of the ride for most kids. Never worry about how you look in photos - vanity is highly overrated, besides you look great & can get away with it.

  10. The selfie is the BEST! You look like you are 30! Seriously, sometimes just good old fresh air and a bare face is what it is all about...and if you happen to have a donkey, well that is just a big bonus. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I love your blog! I also love those two Kune Kune pigs in previous posts! Have a nice fall.

  12. too cloudy for the moon! we have missed the rain again! i just love those donkeys!


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