Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Smilin' Smooch

Why is Smoochie smiling?

It's not just because he has an underbite.

No, he is smiling because he is surrounded by beautiful girls... his chicks, as he likes to call them.

It's a temperate fall afternoon and everyone is just hanging out in the goat pen.

Chickens, goats, guineas...

Even Annie is relaxing with the chickens.

O'Malley can't stand the curiosity any longer and comes over to meet Annie.

"Save me, Mom...goats scare me!"

I often get questions about our blue or green eggs.
They are layed by a specific breed of chicken called an Auracana.

These lovely hens have very tiny combs...

and fluffy cheek muffs.

Very sadly we said goodbye to old Ivanka yesterday.
For the past two years she has lived in the barn and shared her heat lamp with Moll Cat.
Ivanka was quite an unusual chicken and loved her daily petting session.
We'll miss you, Ivanka!


  1. R.I.P. dear Ivanka. What a lucky chicken you were!

  2. Sorry to hear about Ivanka. You treat all of your animals so well. She lived longer than expected and I was happy to have met her before she passed. RIP sweet girl.

  3. Ivanka! You gave us hope! I loved your tenaciousness. I'll really miss you.

  4. Smoochyis always smiling that's for sure. Isn't that an underbite? I have an overbite. So sorry about miss I Vanka. Sorry but that's as close as I could get dictating. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  5. Too bad about Ivanka! She lived such a happy life. Annie is such a good girl. That tongue licking and averted gaze says that she'd take a bite out of O'Malley's nose if she had to.

    1. Actually, Annie's best defense is her speed. She is only there because I have her by the collar, or she would have been long gone!! Hah, she is basically a coward...go figure...porcupine girl!!

  6. Ivanka indeed was a lucky chicken! The special care she receive gave everyone more time to enjoy her. Cute pic of Annie showing her help me look. Keep enjoying your wonderful Fall days, Hugs!!

    1. If ever there were an award for the most faithful commenter, June you would get it!! Thanks so much for always letting me know you are an old friend stopping in for a quick cup of tea on her way to work each morning. Hugs to you!!!! Hope you get cooled off there in Oregon soon!!

  7. Sorry for your loss of Ivanka . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Smoochie sure has a great smile & such pearly white teeth to dazzle the "chicks" with - who could reisist him?
    A fond farewell to Ivanka. She seemed like a short-timer a couple of years ago, but fooled us all by hanging around much longer than expected. She was one tough naked necked hen. My condolences to Moll the cat who was the best roommate Ivanka could ever have. I am sure she will remember Ivanka every time she feels the warmth of the heat lamp on her fur this winter. It puzzles me that a dog who tangles with porcupines & skunks is fearful of a goat - go figure.

    1. Ellen....I have not had the chance to thank you so very much for your heartfelt generous comments! They truly mean a lot!!

  9. You just have to love Smoochie's face! What a magnificent creature he is..
    I am so sorry to her of Ivanka's passing.. She could have not asked for a better home than with you Beverly.


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