Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quiet Autumn Days

It's three o'clock in the afternoon.
Afternoon chores are finished.

The horses are finishing their afternoon "snack".

They don't really get an afternoon feeding, but I often spread just a little hay around
to make them think that they are.

Bobby is asleep in the feed room...nestled between two bales of soft hay.

It seems that lately he prefers being back in the barn rather than in the garage.
I would bet that once cold weather arrives, he will head back to the garage again.

I take the pups and the gator and head to the front pasture for a little manure clean up.

The dogs romp, while I move from pile to pile.

Off in the distance I see a little dot moving across the pasture.


Our unusual barn kitty, Bobby, has decided to join the work detail.

Completely at home with the dogs, 
he jumps into the gator and shares the passenger seat with Sam.

As we move about the pasture, Ginger comes out to see what we are up to...

The donkey girls are curious as well!

Our days are simple...the tasks repetitive,
and yet there is such comfort and peace in this kind of lifestyle.

Each and every day I get to revel in the seasonal changes...

enjoying the foliage...

the autumn flowers...wild purple asters...

the ever changing weather patterns that accompany the season.

It may be a product of my age, or perhaps it really is the lifestyle,
but life is wonderfully exceptional these days...filled with simple moments...
simple pleasures...solitude and beauty.

I have never for a moment regretted moving to the country.
And I am so very happy to share it with you!

I finished a neck warmer yesterday...
(I had knit this in a pattern that I ended up disliking, so I ripped it out and made up my own pattern)

I like it much better!
(Note the homemade button.)
This piece will be for sale in the Marketplace (see button beneath header).


  1. Just love the colors and peacefulness up your way! Thanks for sharing everything you share with us.

  2. enjoyed the array of fall and the critters enjoying it

  3. You make me realize how busy I make my life at time. Going to try and change it a bit starting today! I love the homemade button on the neck was the first thing I noticed.

  4. It is SO beautiful where you are. My property is filled with Live Oaks and so we never get any color in Autumn. I miss that. The cooler temperatures are such a balm---even without fall color.
    I'm with you--I love the mundane tasks of animal care. Picking up manure each night after dinner is now one of my favorite activities. Are we crazy?

  5. What a peaceful day in your part of the world. The colors, just beautiful!! I love all your side kicks makes your day even better. Great neck warmer!! Hugs!

  6. Delightful post . . . Love all the touches of the changing into fall . . .
    Even your newly knitted cowl piece!
    I thought of you often as we traveled East through Pennsylvania . . .
    Such beautiful trees, hills, valley's . . .

  7. Seeing Bobby made me sad..I miss "handsome Max"..Oh well, I guess he's more comfy...Bobby definitely behaves like a Maine Coon...Fall colors are beautiful..Not quite like that here yet...Beautiful...
    Great job with the buttons..You could make a wreath if you cut various sizes....Hmmm

  8. Perhaps Bobby thinks it is more fun to be a dog than a cat.

    Annie v.

  9. Lovely photos. I especially love the one of Sam 'smiling' at Bobby!



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