Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Proud Mama

I had 7 well behaved equines yesterday.
Not your run of the mill "behaved", but extra-specially well behaved.

That's not a statement that I can make on just any old day.
No, most days at least one of the herd can be a little uncooperative.

Yesterday the farrier came to trim everyone's hooves.
He's a gentle soul... soft-spoken...patient...great with the horses.

Usually, one of the horses or donkey girls tests his patience just a little.

Not yesterday.
Everyone stood perfectly still...

picked up their feet...
and minded their manners....all of their manners.

I was one proud Mama.

As for the dogs...
Oakley decided that the house was the safest place to be.

However, Annie and Sam decided that tasty hoof trimmings were worth any risk.

Their bravery paid off!


  1. Well, I'm sure the vet was mighty impressed!

  2. That's because they are not "run-of-the-mill" equines.It sure makes things easier when they behave,i'll bet.

  3. The vet had a great day . I bet it was worth it for all.

  4. yuck, yuck, yuck hoof trimmings!! Crazy dogs! I'm can see why you are one proud Mama!! Gosh,that's a lot of trimming in one day. Good animals and farrier!! hugs!

  5. I wonder why they like horse toe nails. Is that like a pig toe nail? Or whatever they are in the pet store; pig hoof. Gosh, I probably have that all goofed up.

  6. Who knew? Guess dogs will eat anything.

  7. Aren't you proud? Awesome ladies and gents!

  8. a brave man to face all of those hooves! Ann


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