Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Look What I Found In The Orchard!

Yesterday was one of those days when the weather changed every half hour.
Before dawn, the sky was clear... a new moon visible.

Dawn brought fog.

By mid-day the sun came out sporadically...

but disappeared altogether by mid afternoon.

I spent the sunny moments working in the garden.
One last weeding needs to be done,
as well as cleaning out garden boxes and mulching them with compost for the winter.

There are still some plants that are thriving...

Nasturtium...edible...but there's no way we can eat all of this!

I am lucky to always have such willing companionship...

Oakley: "Go ahead and take the picture...this is my best side."
For some reason he hates having his picture taken.
Actually, all three look as though they are being punished.
(I guess this one won't be our Christmas Card!)

It amazes me how quickly autumn color is disappearing.
This tree by the barn was gorgeous a week ago...

The trees in our front yard are looking wintry as well,

while the gardens still have remnants of summer.

And then there's this...

a volunteer from the bird feeder that is unusually late.

The pigs now sleep beneath the warmth of their heat lamp.

And bask in the sun when it makes an appearance.
Hay season has begun as grass is getting scarce.

The whole second floor of the barn is filled with hay.
And while we're on the subject of barns...
I have to tell you...
I love barns!
I'd live in one if I could.


there are so many different kinds of barns around us...

I wish I could explore each and every one of them!

And last I want to show you what I found in the orchard.

A couple of weeks ago I found an opossum carcass in the orchard.
It was covered in maggots.
Knowing that they would have the skeleton clean in no time, I patiently waited for that day.
Yesterday I found the skeleton...completely clean.
So, I decided to keep the skull and add it to my nature collection (in the barn).

Tyler will get a big kick out of this, for sure!


  1. Ha, those pups look so sweet. I'd live in a barn too, if I found one to renovate. Have you ever read Newly Woodwards' blog? They are renovating a barn they moved onto their property so that they can live in it while they build their house. Amazing!
    Looks like winter may be coming your way early. What a wonderful surprise that sunflower must have been!

  2. I love most critters but opossums....well, let's just say I only like the one you found.

  3. Loved the photo of your three pups.

    Mine get all guilty looking too.

  4. My Nasturtiums are still hanging in there too. Our choc lab HATES to have her picture taken and will turn her head every time. I love barns too...I have had my husband turn around and go back more than once so I could get a picture. I guess I really like any old weathered buildings. Now as far as Opossum carcasses go...I don't have one and I prob won't be on the lookout for one either lol

  5. it has always been a dream of mine to live in a barn. i love the white one on your post. i have one perfect red rose blooming outside. everyone has been stopping to look at it. it almost looks out of place!

  6. Yes, the weather has been doing everything in the book, I was just gone barely three days and the trees changed colors and lost a ton of leaves. It is coming on fast. Rain coming. It really is kinda' magical.

    Yes, your little buddy is going to love that skull...sorta' Halloween looking...hummm. How about a centerpiece....haahhaa!

  7. You can post pictures of barns all day. I always dream of converting a barn into my home. Those doggie, still as cute as can be. I was so glad to hear the skull was staying in the barn! Yes, little boys will love it. Me, not so much! Enjoy the last of our Fall days! Hugs!!

  8. Wonderful photos ! Fall is going fast here to with lots of bare trees now and winds with a bit of a bite to them . I found a racoons skull in the woods a few years ago I just took photos of it lol Oh I love barns to and yes would live in one if I could to , if anyone was to ask me if I was brought up in a barn I would happily say Yes ! Our Miggs loves the camera and if it isn't on her well she makes a fuss lol ! Our gardens now are sadly bare . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. Hi you eat the nasturtiums as in a salad? And add a good dressing like in a tossed salad? I never have but would love to grow some next year. All of my flowers are gone. We had a heavy freeze here in the Finger Lakes of NY and they are sadly all gone now. Your sunflower is beautiful. Last year I had a few stray ones under the bird feeder but not this year. I LOVE BARNS, too. I am attracted to them! Maybe because I grew up on a farm but they just fascinate me. Your photos of the barns are superb!

  10. Loved your pup pic . . . I look forward to your final Christmas pick.
    I loved all of your photos . . . except for the final few.
    Great conversation piece though!

  11. An American in TokyoOctober 27, 2014 at 10:13 PM

    Those barns are wonderful! I never knew there were so many different kinds!

    The opossum though...eek! I'm glad I wasn't eating when I was reading your blog! ha ha!


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