Monday, October 20, 2014

I Need A Week To Rest Up From The Weekend....

We were gifted with another beautiful autumn weekend.

By Sunday, however, the weather turned markedly colder...
a harsh reminder that winter is on its way.

We had farm visitors on Saturday...
three grandchildren of a friend.

The animals were happy to get extra loving...

and some, not so happy...

The horses and donkeys had apple treats.

The pigs had apple treats also, but not before they received an adequate helping of smooches!

The pigs always seem to be a favorite amongst kids.
Which works to Ginger and MaryAnn's favor...
since company is one of their very favorite things.
(Second only to apple treats!)

Of course there was the obligatory poop-scooping...

and egg gathering.

Saturday evening we saw these 14 wild turkeys in our field...

Oh, if only there were a few spare girls for Tom and Chuck!!

We had a blast Saturday night at our local corn maze.
We did the maze in the dark and it was haunted!
I think Hubbs scared me more times, jumping out from the corn, than any of the haunters did!

I spent Sunday alone on the farm and used the time wisely...
mowing the bee yard, turning the manure piles with the tractor,
making bracelets, ironing, riding the bike for an hour,
and cleaning the front pasture.

Bobby decided to come along for the ride...
and didn't mind sharing his seat so that I could taxi him around!

I picked the last of the frost was predicted for Sunday night.
Once frost has its way with the garden it will be time to clean out the garden boxes
and tuck them in for the winter...
with the exception of the kale... as that will continue to thrive for a couple more months.
It's sad to say goodbye to the garden...
especially the wholesome bounty it provides us.
But.. "To everything there is a season" and we are coming upon that time of resting and planning
and filling our time with the things that we don't have time enough for during the warmer months.

Every season has its wonderfulness...
and I wouldn't trade watching the seasons change for anything!


  1. Looks like you had a packed weekend. How much fun it must be to share the farm with others. I love the seasons and switching gears.

  2. What a beautiful weather weekend for those kids to visit with your menagerie! Love the 'wee' horses trying to get their share of the treats through the fence boards. ;) We're saying 'goodbye' to our gardens now too. In fact, it snowed yesterday. Didn't stay on the ground yet - thank goodness! Thanks for the tour in pictures!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to be at this time of year. Kudos to you on getting your bike ride in!

  4. You are so do need a week to Sad thing is with the weather changing there is so much to do. We are in the same boat trying to get ready for the bad weather. I will not use that other
    Looks like the animals enjoyed the company.

  5. I'm not sure who enjoys the farm tour more, the animals or the kids! I had to laugh at the hen all snuggle in the coat. My garden boxes are done. I spent yesterday cleaning them and the chicken coop. Today it is back to rain. I'm not quite ready for the rain to stay. I'm still wanting some warm fall day! Enjoy your day, Hugs!!

  6. i don't think i could live somewhere that didn't have 4 seasons. i am still getting tomatoes and peppers! we just picked watermelons and zucchini yesterday too! i love how bobby rides along with you. such unusual cat behavior!

  7. I love it when the kids come to share your farm.Cute picture with the piggies. I guess that the pigs and the kids are on the same level height wise. I can't believe how fast these last two months have gone.Times flying

  8. It looks like everyone had fun. The animals seem to enjoy their visitors and the children enjoy seeing and helping around the farm, especially with collecting eggs. That is so cool.

  9. I loved seeing the children visiting your farm and the holding, touching the animals . . . piggy kisses too!
    Living where I experience the four seasons is a must for me. I can't imagine living in a constant climate zone. Many surprises come with the varying temperatures and climates . . . keeps it interesting for sure!


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