Friday, October 17, 2014

Feeding Time With Funny Face

The rain has stopped, leaving the farm a bit muddy.
I thought maybe you might like to come along with me to the barn today.
It's 11:00 AM and time for all of the horses and donkeys to come in from grazing...

Moonbeam has mastered the fine art of Funny Face!
While he is waiting for me to let him out of his stall,
he gives quite a good performance...

And now for the big finale....

Yup, that's my boy!

Don't forget to join us tomorrow morning for our ongoing Saturday morning
Walk on the Wild Side
where I'll share with you this week's "catch" on the trail cameras.


  1. Loved watching feeding have everything down to a science. Oh moonbeam, you are so funny!!

  2. Thanks for sharing lunchtime feeding with us....using one hand even! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love an early morning smile!

  4. Good thing Moonbeam isn't a donkey or there'd be a lot of braying going on.

  5. What a procedure! And to think it is everyday!! Love the many faces of Moonbeam, crazy boy. I'll be here tomorrow to see what the trail cam has to show!! Until then, have a great day, Hugs!!

  6. Enjoyed coming along on your 11:00 ritual! Great camera work!

  7. Moonie looks like a retard!! Poor thing.....

  8. The last photo is so funny! He's a comedian for sure!

  9. Love these video snippets of your daily life. Those are some blessed critters. Do you ride or are they rescues?

  10. What a treat this video is! Thank you!

  11. Loved the video..Did you take that with your camera and did you have it mounted to your body somehow?? I didn't have time to look at it this AM..Good job even if Red wasn't a good boy. Moonbeam is a ham!!!

  12. Moonbeam is just a riot!! Love the video....I just love your life and buddies on the farm!


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