Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Drizzly, Dreary, Dark and Dank....

I am happy to report that Bernice made it through her first full day in the barn,
and is actually perking up a bit!

Our dried apples were a huge success.
What a sweet, chewy snack they are...very satisfying...and organic!

I am still getting small harvests from the garden...

just a meal's worth at a time.
Our autumn plantings are growing well. 

collards...(which I will admit, I have never before eaten)


Yesterday I harvested saffron...

from our (autumn blooming) saffron crocus.

The saffron is the stigma on the flower.
Each crocus plant can have up to 4 blooms, with each bloom producing three scarlet stigmas.
Dried, these stigma become the saffron that is so expensive at the market.

We are enjoying a very quiet rainy week this week.
And though the trees are robed in Autumn splendor,
some of our plant life (like these grape vines) is going dormant.

The morning glories will remain glorious right up until the first frost.

We have no activities besides the normal farm chores planned for this week.
So it is the perfect week to tackle those indoor projects 
that have been postponed during the summer months.

Each day has a prediction of either drizzle or showers...

so there will be plenty of time for this...


  1. I love seeing the littles. Thanks.

  2. Lovely photos and it appears that we will be having the same weather this week, too. I did not know Saffron came from crocus.....learn something new everyday.

  3. my final harvest looked just like yours. i used the last of the peppers in an omelet this morning. i sure will miss them! i love your directional sign! we are supposed to get rain. i sure hope so. we really need it!

  4. Drizzle here with prediction of rain. Gosh, how did it sneak up on me. I still have so much work to do outside.Glad to see Bernice is doing better. Knitting project looks fun, can't wait to see it finished! Enjoy the day, Hugs!!

  5. i just came back here to tell you i think you really might like collards. i have a really good recipe on my blog for them. collards might be my favorite vegetable. i really should grow them. also, that is very good news about bernice!

  6. here it is: http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2012/02/worlds-best-collard-greens-recipe-and.html

    there are a couple recipes for them on my blog but this is the best one.

  7. Looks and sounds like all is well on the farm good to hear . Lovely photos ! It is humid and raining here today temps are up to 77F strange for us this time of year but the weather has been topsy turby for us . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Last week, we had four mornings of hard frosts (temperatures were in the low 20s!) and now, we've had winds so all the fall color is gone. Back to the land of sticks and rocks for us here in northwestern Wisconsin! :) Good thing I know how to knit too...I'm working on a tea cosy for my teeny teapot right now.

  9. Drips and drizzles are happening here too.
    The leaves are dropping very fast, surprising the change in one week


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