Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Walk On The Wild Side...Week 3

After reviewing this week's trail cam images,
it's official...
we have a lot of deer in our woods...and squirrels!

There were no surprises this week...
(except Hubbs riding his bike through the woods!)

This family of deer showed up several times in this clearing...

And several deer use this deer trail during the night...but not in the daylight.

In all of the pictures I saw several buck...with small antlers.

I have heard from neighbors that we have a buck with a huge rack somewhere in our woods.
So far he has eluded our cameras.
And so has that ole bear!

I have faith, though.
I am moving the cameras to new locations for this coming week.
Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Hi Bev, just when you think you've seen enough deer, there will be more! At one time when I lived in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, it seemed as if all the deer had moved into my yard just to eat the flowers. I even caught them on m front porch and on hind legs trying to reach the crab apples in my neighbor's tree. They became very comfortable around humans. As beautiful as they were, our resident deer herd became a real nuisance. Regarding your camera, it's fun to see what critters might appear. And yes, I expect to see deer most of the time. Now in Arizona, I enjoy the beautiful scenes around your farm. There's nothing like the changing seasons in PA.

  2. Patsy from IllinoisOctober 18, 2014 at 11:36 AM

    I like being able to visit Bee Haven for pics on Saturdays. Hope you do get a pic of that bear and maybe that porcupine that keeps shedding his quills on the dogs. Are porcupines nocturnal? Hmmm. Not sure.

  3. i am sure that all kinds of surprises await you!

  4. I think I would enjoy having a camera in our back wooded area. I alerted my SIL, because he has one, so we are going together to look at what there is to offer. Are you pleased with your Bushnell's?


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