Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Marketplace Re-opens

Back by popular demand....
(Ok, well, not really...but I thought it would be fun to say that.)

I have re-opened The Marketplace at Bee Haven Acres.
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It's been a long time coming, but finally I got the camera out
and sat down at my computer long enough to get organized.

Yesterday, as Chloe and I watched the sun rise above the horizon,
through the misty fog that hung over the pasture,

I knew it was going to be a hot and sticky day.
Hot sticky days are my least favorite.

And they are not a favorite of the horses, either.

Knowing that the equines would spend much of their afternoon
stuffed into one stall standing in front of one of several fans that I turned on for them,
I decided to stay in the cool as well and get to work organizing the Marketplace.

I was quite the busy bee....

and by the end of the day, 
had photographed everything that I have made in the past several months.

I also worked on the bushels of apples that are sitting in my kitchen,
making applesauce (awesomesauce!)...

and baked oatmeal with apples, cinnamon and walnuts...

Meanwhile, there is mowing and weeding to be done...
but that can wait until cool weather returns.

Later in the afternoon I headed out to Tyler's first soccer game.
There is nothing funnier or sweeter than 4 year olds playing soccer!

With the attention span of a gnat and a desire to please that's larger than life,
six 4-yr-olds ran around the field playing six separate games.
At one point, on the sidelines, Tyler's coach was instructing him that
when he got back into the game, he should take the ball from the other team and kick it down
the field for a goal.
And didn't Tyler do just that!  With a second ball....from the sidelines...ran down the field
while the game was going on at the other end....
and kicked his ball right into the net.
Great job, Tyler.  Next time try it when you are actually in the game!!

It's great... at this age the coaches are on the field instructing as they go...
with the patience of saints!


  1. It was sticky sunny and humid here but this morning it is sunny cool and fresh and looks like it will be for the day today but more humid weather to come they say . Lovely photos . I remember when our boys played little league baseball it was hoot and they all were soo cute lol ! Thanks for sharing , Go Tyler WOOHOO ! Have a good day ! !

  2. that soccer game must have been so much fun! we have had sticky hot weather here too, my very least favorite!!! and all of the rain missed us so i am still watering. your apple sauce does look awesome!

  3. I am with you . . . sticky, humid not my thing!
    Applesauce fragrance in the house while creating something sure is!
    And watching four year olds play soccer . . . pure delight!
    Way to GO Tyler!

  4. Good morning Beverly,
    I just love to come here in the mornings. Such a beautiful place, and your applesauce looks yummy!
    Well... GO Tyler! It is such fun watching them at this age.
    Have a good week!

  5. Seeing Tyler brings back many memories of Jen and Andy..Such fun !! I remember your Dad playing "sideline" coach and embarrassing you to death...Good old days.
    I too, am not a fan of the 3 H's..A little break today but back tomorrow...Nothing better than home made applesauce..I haven't made baked oatmeal for awhile. I should do that..Yum...What is your special recipe???
    Happy Day !!

  6. How nice to have the marketplace going again. I've been busy making my soaps and photo prints too. Love the soccer pictures. He's so adorable!


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