Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sometimes a Day Off Can Be Busier Than a Normal Day!

Those of you who know me, know that farm life suits me just fine.
I am happy as a pig in slop...
going about my day feeding, cleaning up, gardening, etc.

I have to tell you, though, having Wednesdays "off" from animal chores is
a luxury...and one that I really appreciate.

On Wednesdays, our neighbor and friend, Jim 
(or "Uncle Jim" as the animals refer to him)
comes over early in the morning and tends to barnyard chores...
feeding, watering, cleaning up, etc.
while I have the luxury of sleeping in....some days, the whole way to 6:30!

It's on these Wednesdays that I get a chance to head to town
for grocery shopping, appointments, and other errands.
Some weeks, like this week, I just stay home and enjoy the farm as a "visitor"...
enjoying the critters without the responsibility.

Yesterday was one of those stay-at-home days and I enjoyed every second of it,
I started my morning in the sewing room,
finishing this apron...

sewn from natural/blue cotton ticking...

the pocket embellishment sewn from natural linen.

Then I moved outside and worked in the vegetable garden for a while...
weeding, weeding, weeding.

My three sidekicks, Annie, Oakley and Sam, stuck with me like glue.

We sat in the front pasture for a while, 

just enjoying the view.

And then, like clockwork, everyone decided it was time to come in and get their chow.

Every day, at this time, the donkeys head into the horses' dry lot.

Once the horses have also returned to their dry lot, the donkeys skedaddle back to their own yard.

"Hey, how about some breakfast?"

These two donkey gals are not the most patient of animals,
and bellow their complaints quite loudly.
One of these days I will capture that on video for you.

Once back in the house, I worked on these boutonnieres,
made from linen, burlap, and guinea feathers.

and worked on a new bracelet design.
(I have an obsession with leather right now.)

My day off was ended with a date with Hubbs to our favorite little micro-brewery
for dinner and a drink.

What a most splendid day!
I love Wednesdays...
and every other day, too!
And that's the truth.

Hope your day is terrific.
I am heading to a public auction tonight to possibly bid on a Hoosier cabinet.
Hopefully, it will go just like the auction for the railroad cart
and I will walk away with a Hoosier for a song!
I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh...and here is a little pop quiz for you.
Can you guess what this is?


  1. Love that you have a day off . . .
    I didn't know donkey's could run that fast . . .
    Really love that apron . . . in your store?
    My guess, the frond top of one of your grasses . . .

  2. Is that a clematis flower gone to seed?

    1. Why, yes it is!!! Isn't it amazing how much beauty is left over even after a flower dies???

  3. Sometimes I think the seed heads are almost more interesting than the flowers. They are the glory in this time of year!

  4. I love my two clematises that are all in this state right now. Still pretty showy to me. Sound like a wonderful day off. Glad to hear your side kick is staying close. LOL!!

  5. My clematis never look like that when they go to seed and that happened a month ago lol cool ! Oh and looks sounds like you had a lovely day off ! Wonderful photos and lovely crafts .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Sounds like a relaxing day! Is that bracelet for sale? I love it!

    1. I just sold that one, but I can make you one. It is $20 and wraps around the wrist twice. Let me know what size wrist you have....

  7. It looks like a pint size duster! LOL!! I have no clue, Beverly.
    Such great photos today... Your boutonnieres are beautiful... And I LOVE, LOVE this apron... You do such beautiful work... Your bracelets are lovely...
    Have a great day

    1. Penny, it is what is left over after the clematis flower dries up and falls off!

  8. Guessing that the pic is of the top mop of one of your chickens? : ). The vet up the road from us has a donkey that we hear on occasion, probably when the food pail isn't arriving fast enough. Lovely way to spend the day. for you, good for the soul. Patty/NS. ps love the ticking apron, is it still available?

    1. Patty, it is the seed pod of a clematis. See comment below about apron.

  9. Patty, the apron sold this morning. I believe I have enough ticking left to make another....keep an eye out for it!

  10. Just goes to show that you need a day off so you can get all that other stuff done..Cute apron, love the boutonnieres..very clever..Don't change the style of your bracelets..I'll just have to have that one too..Did you braid that or did it come that way ? (probably).Love it..The fluffy thing looks like a done Clematis??It's really full...Nice picture..

  11. What a perfectly lovely day. What a blessing to have such a helpful neighbor! Can't wait to see that Hoosier! I've always wanted one!


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