Monday, September 8, 2014


A Saturday night thunderstorm ushered in cooler temps and clear skies.
Fall has arrived!

This weekend I finally had the opportunity to hang fairy lights 
on the gazebo...

and the swing.

They are all solar no use of outside power!
Now, the area around the barn and garden is a wonderland of fairy lights at night.
I love bringing a little magic into my world, and tiny fairy lights are just one way I do that.
Let's face it, the world needs all the magic we can bring to it!

Last week I received an email from a blog friend asking if I could replicate this apron
in a large size...

I drew a pattern this weekend and made the prototype.
It is made from the palest green linen.

It is big on me,
but would be perfect for someone with a larger frame.

My next attempt will be to make a smaller version.
Even a smaller version would fit most, as both sides close with ties.
The next try will be in pale pink linen, a little longer, and a little narrower.

I wanted to show you something I saw on the way to Tyler's soccer game on Saturday...

talk about self expression!
This is someone's garden in their front yard.
And although it might seem odd to you or me...
this obviously makes them happy, so....why not?

And while we are on the subject of self-expression...
watch and enjoy.
(Keep your eyes on #38)
I guarantee you won't make it to the end without a good hearty laugh!
You're welcome.

PS:  Is it any wonder that his coach calls him "Crazy Legs!"


  1. Good morning, Bev! Loved the soccer video...miss those days, my Seth was 30 yesterday... Writing to note that neither Friday's post, nor today's made their way to Facebook. Have a great day!

  2. OMG, that crazy legs is sooooooo cute!! Bev, I think the apron will be fine. You can mail it and I'll try it.
    Thanks. Marcy

  3. Bev, I want to purchase the Downton linen pinafore too, so you can ship them together. Do you want to send me a PayPal invoice for both? Love, love, love them both. Thanks. Marcy

  4. OMG...Too funny...No "Focus" there for sure..Remember when Andy used to skip down the field??Does Tyler always play in Halifax??? Still no rain here..

  5. PS..I was so enamored with Tyler that I forgot about the fairey lights that look wonderful and that apron is gorgeous...Great job!!

  6. OMG, crazy legs Tyler! If he makes it to the big league the moniker may stick! : )

  7. Love the moon pic! I took one the other day, too. It's addictive. (You must have the same camera I do. Canon Powershot SX50? FABULOUS zoom).

    The lights on the gazebo look pretty. We've been meaning to do the same thing on ours, too. I love our gazebo but never seem to get out there and enjoy it. (Too hot outside).

  8. Wonderful post ! I took some moon photos last night to and the harvest moon is tonight and I am waiting patiently to get photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Love the lights on the gazebo and the swing. Anything that brights up the night and makes us happy is GOOD!
    "Crazy Legs" is going to be Most Valuable Player someday. He is very cute!!!!!
    Bev, Love the apron so much!!!!!!

  10. That video is crazy funny!!! I LOVE it!! Thanks!

  11. So cute and fun . . .
    Like your pinnies . . .
    Moon shot too!


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