Thursday, September 11, 2014


It seems we are plunging headlong into Autumn.
I could be happier!

By the weekend, temps will be down in the 60's during the day...
and I'll be rolling out the knitwear and boots once again!

When Autumn arrives, I find myself over come with "nesting" syndrome.
I find myself baking, cooking comfort foods, re-decorating the house...
happily preparing my home for the upcoming winter months.

Yesterday I "put-up" the sauerkraut that has been fermenting in crocks
over the past 8 weeks.

The result: 20 quarts of sauerkraut.

Enjoying my time in the kitchen, I then baked another pan of apple/cinnamon baked oatmeal.

And realizing we were without desserts, I baked peanut/chocolate chip cookies, too.

A dozen green peppers were then stuffed and baked in tomato sauce.

It seems I am not the only one who gets a burst of energy in the Autumn...

Daphne and Chloe have been quite playful this past week, as well.

Well, at least Chloe is playful.
Perhaps if Daphne took a moment away from grazing,
she would not be as plump as she is!


  1. You are blessed with cooler temps! Enjoy some for us!

  2. Molly and I are much happier with cooler temperatures as well. I'm not sure about the energy level. The spirit is willing. Put you in that kitchen and magic happens. It probably doesn't know what hit it. hopefully today will be the last hot day. Hope it's good to you.

  3. Oh the cooler temps! My mother nature has a different idea for us today and through the weekend, NINETIES!! Your energy level never cease to amaze me! Can you send some my way? Enjoy your Fall weekend and keep that baking going. I know your love ones are enjoying!

  4. So true . . . cooler days bring thoughts of warm socks, comfy sweaters, soup, cookies and more!
    If only I could be a one cookie gal . . .
    I am a bit west of you . . . get ready, cooler is on its way!

  5. It is funny how the cooler temps get us in the kitchens to make what we call comfort foods nothing like it I say ! Lovely post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. look at that sauerkraut...beautiful! i had the most wownderful first real fall day today. we were out in the country all day and it was heaven! teddy can't spend enough time outside. she finally has dragged herself away from her fans!

  7. For the first time in many months I awoke to cool breezes & today was a lovely 80 dgrees instead of our usual 90+. I felt my energy return with the cooler weather. I decided I better be productive while I can, since the 90+ days will return for the weekend. I baked my last cherry pie of summer this morning, got the pantry cleaned out & organized in preparation for the fall baking season & organized my fabric stash in preparation for making lots of quilts in the coming months.Christmas will be here before we know it - hate to remind you all, but you know it's true. Tomorrow, I am off to replenish all the spices needed for cool weather baking & stock up on pumpkin puree. I have packed away all of the summer decor & am looking forward to getting the house looking more like fall. I love it when fall arrive & that urge to start nesting hits you. The focus is switching from summer's end to looking ahead to hearth, home & settling in for a long cozy & creative fall & winter..

    Glad Daphne & Chloe are having fun in the cooler weather. Daphne's tummy does hang slightly lower than Chloe's in the photos. Daphne just enjoys her food a touch more than Chloe, is all. Or maybe the camera angle is just unflattering? I am still laughing over Crazy Legs #38 video. Tyler is just the funniest little soccer player ever. With all that energy, I was thinking maybe Tyler should be taking Irish dance lessons in addition to the soccer - a boy who can move his legs that fast needs some way to put his talent to good use & tire him out a bit.. That boy is a crack-up. I don't know how your going to keep up with him.

    1. I watch that video almost every day....and each time i just crack up! He is so much fun...he's coming to spend the weekend on the farm this weekend....should be a great weekend. Sounds like you have been a busy bee as well!!!
      Have a great weekend.


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