Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day, Friends!

Just popping in quickly, to wish you the happiest of Labor Days!
Whatever you are doing...hopefully it is a day of rest from your labors.
Can you believe it?  It is September 1st!
My how time does fly.

We have enjoyed a quiet weekend here on the farm.
And although the weather has been dreary, we have been treated
to a few lovely sunrises and sunsets.

We spent a bit of time on Friday afternoon picking apples.
During the next week I will be making apple sauce and another pie.
The horses and pigs are enjoying daily apple snacks.

They come running when they hear the gator...

in anticipation of a treat.

We took delivery of a wagon full of hay on Saturday.
With none of our own to feed the animals this winter,
we are having to buy what we need, instead.

We have had a weekend free from skunk and porcupine attacks...

I am more than pleased to report!

And today, we are heading to town to the "newlyweds'" home for a Labor Day
cook out.
I am bringing orzo salad and these two cakes (which now have frosting)...

lemon blueberry poundcake with lemon glaze,
and chocolate chip poundcake with buttercream frosting.
Ooooooh.....I can hardly wait to have a piece of each!

I finished a couple more aprons and made a few new styles of bracelets.
I can share them with you later this week if you are interested.
I think it may be time to re-open my farm market at the top of this page,
to showcase my projects.
(I just need the time to set it up.)

I hope your Labor Day is wonderful!
Tell me all about your plans...


  1. happy labor day bev! have a fun cookout! we are heading out to a fair.

  2. You are such delight!
    Love the orange? Pound cake . . . Secret to that and recipes? Please . . .
    Love the piggy jaunt for apples!

  3. My plans sound like your plans..going to go eat all of those goodies that you have made !!! I think summer just remembered that it missed us and is back for an encore. If we'd just get some rain with it !! Pretty sunset..Fall comes with them , I think.

  4. Have a fun day with family! I'm having a quiet day at home. But you can send a couple of pieces of that cake my way!! Hugs!!

  5. Looks like everyone had a blast on labor day! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love to see more of your goodies...a farm market on your blog would be you have time for something else! You amaze me.


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