Friday, September 12, 2014

Close Up and Personal

And so the days have continued...cooler, yes,
Autumn is here.

I have a few pictures left from this week...
you can see I had a tendency towards getting up close and personal for some reason.

And that is really all that these pictures have in common.

So, I will end this week with a little montage of all of my "shy" critters.

Camera shy?

More like camera hogs!

These two are anything but shy....


I spent a little time sewing and making...

new bracelets...

and pink linen apron... 
for the Marketplace...

Have a wonderful weekend.
Tyler is spending the weekend with us. should be a fun one!

PS:  I have added new bracelets to the Marketplace


  1. Sounds like time well spent. Have fun this weekend!

  2. Should be a fun weekend...Love those bracelets. Those are some wary Looking birds.

  3. I have yet to get a really decent pic of my donkeys that are close up. It's usually one of the tips of their noses.

    Your aprons are beautiful!! I would love to buy one, but it would be a disaster in a short time. All my aprons have stains that won't come out.

  4. I was thinking not so shy as I started reading you blog. Yep, camera hogs is perfect. Enjoy your weekend with Tyler. I'm off camping!! Hugs!!

  5. I like your "up close and personal!"
    New camera?

  6. Happy weekend to you too... and get your kid fix,,, I know I need one, :>)


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