Monday, September 15, 2014

Apple Harvest Weekend With Tyler

Autumn is here in full force!
We spent a chilly weekend here on the farm, with temps barely out of the 50's.

Hubbs and I picked enough apples on Friday to make a couple of gallons of apple sauce,
an apple pie and an apple harvest cake.
And with all of this apple goodness, we felt the need to share and celebrate with our kids.

Tyler joined us on Saturday and spent a fun day with Grammie and Muppy.
We took him to a central PA attraction called "Clyde Peeling's Reptiland".

What little boy doesn't enjoy reptiles, lizards and snakes...

not to mention dinosaurs!

Sunday was spent on the farm with family.

We had a fire in the pizza oven and had our own little Apple Harvest Festival.

We feasted on pizza, salad,  and our apple desserts, played shuffleboard,

and visited with the animals.

With absolutely no fear of the animals,
Tyler is always more than happy to help with the farm chores.

I think the animals enjoy the enthusiasm of a four-year-old!

I've got to tell you...
Moonbeam is one very sweet horse...
and so very tolerant!
Did you catch what Tyler called Ollie?...
"you white guy!"
(This little boy is the apple of my eye!)


  1. What a blessing your little Tyler is!

  2. That has to be one of the sweetest videos you have ever posted. Children and are leaving the dream.

  3. I like going to the Reptile places they are awesome lol ! Oh what a cutie that Tyler is with the helping and I love the video . Haflingers are very gently calm horses my sister has one and he is wonderful with every one ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Oh my goodness. How cute is this video of Tyler and what a sweet little voice he has. You've done a great job making sure he (and the animals of all size) are comfortable around each other. Precious. Cooler temps have finally come to Austin as well.

  5. what a wonderful life and place to visit for a little Tyler!!
    I loved visiting my Grandparents working farm in Indiana for the summers and my Aunt's farm in Tenn. Both farms are gone and my girls just know the city life. So sad!!

  6. Tyler is growing so fast....he is so big now! Wow, when did that happen? Just the perfect life for that little guy! Lucky you! The video didn't work for me...bummer.

  7. The video of your grandson is just precious! I'm a new follower to your Blog and I just love it! :)

  8. Oh my stars! where does the time go? Tyler is getting so big... wasn't it just yesterday, you were posting pics of a sweet itty bitty baby?

  9. could things be any better than having tyler enjoy the place you created? he is so lucky! i love the way he pets the horses...big and small!


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