Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sunny Days Are Made For Play

Forgive me for going on and on about what an absolutely magnificent summer we are having.

It has been the most perfect summer of my life, I think...
or at least for the years in which weather was so important.

I can hardly believe that we have only used the air conditioning two days this whole summer.
We sleep each night under a quilt with temps dropping into the low 60's and 50's.
Morning chores are often done with a sweater on.

Morning fogs, leftover from nighttime rains, are gone by noon...
leaving the sky picture-perfect.

I consider this a gift of the highest order...
especially for me (a non-lover of hot weather).
Yes, it's love of the heat has waned over the years...
due mostly to the necessity of outdoor work.

I breeze through the winter months all bundled up in layers,
but wilt in the summer with not enough layers to remove.
(Naked farm work is generally frowned upon... and dangerous, too!)

Animals and humans alike are quite comfortable with the present conditions.
The weather, combined with lots of hard work makes this possible...

It's what's for dinner!

As for the animals...everyone has much more energy when it's not terribly hot.
The pigs have had no need to swim...
keeping cool enough just lying in the shade.

I may have mentioned some time back that the pigs have a special language that they 
seem to use only with me.
They always grunt a greeting when someone comes in for a visit.
But occasionally they "talk" to me as if they have something really exciting to say.

Sunny afternoons are the perfect time for a little play.

Annie-Oakley love to play fetch...

and for the most part they take turns nicely.

Sam, on the other hand favors contact petting.

Panting, they all come over to the shade of the gazebo for a rest.

And, guess who shows up to join us?

Wherever the fun is...
that's where you'll find Tom and Chuck!
They are most definitely our party animals.


  1. Loved the video lol ! Awesome post and photos . Our summer here has been quite lovely to some hot humid days , it has been cooler then past summers and now the mornings are cool dewy and almost fall like as our days have been sunny with cool breezes , I think our fall will be upon us early this year , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day ! OINK OINK !

  2. Everything looks so beautiful at your farm. All your hard work is proving fruitful! I am so glad you are having the perfect summer. I too don't tolerate the heat anymore. However, we are having the hottest summer in record! It has been in the 90's and 100 for some weeks now. I was lucky to get away to Elk River, ID one weekend when it was like your weather and it was lovely.

    Annie sure has grown a lot! Love that picture with Sam between your legs....too cute!

  3. Such playful critters at your place! I must learn how to speak 'pig'.

  4. I'm so glad you are enjoying your wonderful summer. Our summer has been great. We've had more days then usual over 90 but I'm still enjoying it. It just means out in the morning and find some indoor activities in the later afternoon or water to cool off in. Love the piggy oink, oinks! Hugs!!

  5. Our summer has been perfect too. Not such hot days. I'm loving it too!! Also, my sows talk to me like that too. I go in and talk to my girls and even the boar a little too, but he's so huge he scares me a little, lol. But its cute, their language!!

  6. Hi Beverly,
    You are having a grand summer indeed! Loved the video. Pig Latin.. Now that is funny...
    You look great!!
    Enjoy the day.

  7. Ah, you're so lucky! (I can't wait for summer to be over. The heat index as I type is 102 degrees, and then there's ever-present humidity. We're having a lot of snake trouble, too). Enjoy your beautiful summer while you can, because I know winter can be tough in your neck of the woods sometimes. Perhaps this is your reward.

    Have another nice weekend with all your critters!

  8. Nothing like this perfectly wonderful summer weather . . .
    I am not for the hot, humid steamy either . . . I like warm days, cool nights.

    Loved the Pig Latin, they certainly have their own little click, cluck, grunt . . . just for you!

  9. Your animals are just so beautiful!!!


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