Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Funday

(I stole the title of today's post from my son and daughter-in-law...
it's what they call Sundays at their house, and it seemed fitting!)

As predicted, it was a quiet, but lovely weekend on the farm.
Aside from a couple of errands run on Saturday, we spent the weekend at home.
A visit from my sweet Mom on Sunday gave us a break from farm work...
and we took this opportunity to play a little and eat a lot.

The garden has gifted us with all sorts of ingredients, so we've been cooking up a storm.

Chipotle chicken soup from our local chickens,
and our very own onions, celery, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, and corn.

Chipotle/maple kale chips...what a yummy snack!

Fresh organic peach pie from Dr. Becky's peach tree...

We started harvesting our Christmas limas.

They are climbing the fence alongside the Chinese red noodle beans,
and just this weekend started to look like they were drying.

Each dry hull contains several lovely red and white lima beans.
When completely dry, they will keep in the pantry for use over the winter.

I am sure that you have figured out by now that even when we are working,
we are having lots of fun.

It's virtually impossible to spend time around the farm and not have fun.

To me, even the work is it's all good!

Sunday evening, after finishing up a little mowing,
I sat outside the horse's lot.
With treats in hand, I sat there talking to the horses.

Looking up at everyone peering at me over the fence,
I suddenly realized what the horses look like to the dogs!

Pretty silly!

No wonder Sam wants to chase them.

By the end of Sunday, temperatures were once again in the low 60's
and as we did the bedtime chores, we were treated to a huge orange moon in the sky.

Evenings are magical.  As the sun sets and darkness settles over the farm,
the garden and the barn area become a wonderland of tiny lights.

The garden sheds and playhouse are all strung with solar lights.
Tiny lights, the songs of katydids, the cool evening air and the huge moon....
all made for a magical moment...
the perfect ending to the perfect day!

I promised you a giveaway this week...
and as soon as I have the picture taken, I will announce it!


  1. Love the thought of the lights lighting up the night around Bee Haven . . .
    Do you have fireflies too . . .
    Your weather sounds like it has been cooler than ours . . . we are steamy and hazy here.
    No views of the huge, orange moon . . .

  2. Your farm does look magical. I love the idea of lining the outbuildings with solar lights! I'm gonna steal that idea! I am envious of your temps. Enjoy it all!

  3. Wasn't the moon pretty last night? Why didn't I think to use string lights to outline a feature in my yard?? So I am on the hunt for them. Enjoy your day, Hugs!!

  4. I never thought about how the horses look to the dogs..Scarey for sure...The farm looks like a fairy land at night..Beautiful moon right now...

  5. Don't you just love horse's noses? So soft. I feel a change in the weather out here, just a tad. But it sure is getting dark faster and faster. 8:35 and I am thinking, gosh it is bedtime. You got me thinking about organic and home grown. Several times a summer, I will go to my certified farmer's market. I wonder now, if they used pesticides on their fruits. I went and bought organic chicken, expensive, but it also says free range. I am going to make small steps to this new purchasing of organic. I want to know what is going into my body at least the foods that I can control. Thanks for all the advice and keep up this topic. It is very educational.

  6. that is hysterical about how the horses look to the dogs! i love the idea of the solar lights lining things. i don't think i have ever seen solar string lights. i am going to look for them!

  7. The moon was so bright last night that I woke up a few times and thought it was dawn already. I love being able to lie in bed & go to sleep under the light of the super-moon. Those red & white lima beans are beautiful little works of art. Your soup looks wonderful. But there will be no hot soup here for a while. The temp is going to go over 100 today and it will be our hottest day of the Summer so far. I soooo wish Fall weather would arrive early, but it can stay pretty hot through Oct most years. I am feeling a pretty wilted after months of 90+ temps. & would so welcome the cool nights of Autumn. Your peach pie is looks amazing. Bet it tasted amazing too! The horses do look pretty silly & a bit intimidating from a dogs perspective. Your pantry & freezer must be well stocked with all the produce you grew this Summer. I do wish there was somewhere out here that I could buy local organic poultry from like you do from your Amish farmer. For now I will have to settle for stocking the freezer when a rare sale on free range antibiotic free chicken comes up. Love the fairy lights outside & the flowers you planted around the base of the gazebo are looking great. Next Summer that will be a magical setting for Amanda's wedding. You & Amanda must be so excited with all the planning.

    1. Sending cool thoughts your way!!! It has felt like Autumn here most of the summer...with the exception of about 2 days. Today is cool and breezy.....weird. As for the is on our mind a lot. I will share lots of pictures after the event...we have some really fun ideas!

  8. Ahh, low 60's. That sounds like Heaven. (It was 104 here today). I wish I knew the secret to your vegetable gardens actually growing vegetables. All summer ours yielded nothing but a 3 or 4 tiny tomatoes. (Pathetic).

    GREAT pics of the horses from the doggies perspective. So cute! I love horses.


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