Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mysteries and Finished Projects

It's early morning.
Moonbeam has been beautifully coiffed,

 and the farrier is trimming his hooves.

Shortly after this, I will put on his fly mask and send him out to pasture for a few hours.

When he returns to the dry lot, he is covered with patches of dirt...
obviously having rolled around a bit.
(Why is it when they are clean, they do their level best to get dirty again?

Evening comes and it's time to remove fly masks.
Amanda helps out and takes off Moonbeam's mask.

"What is in his ear?" she queries.

Further investigation reveals a lump of horse manure in the tip of his ear cover.

I have no idea how this goober managed to get an ear full of poop.

It's just another farm mystery that will never be solved.
And, maybe I don't really want to know.
Nah....I am curious...
and Moonbeam's not talking!

For those of you who may have missed yesterday's Facebook post,
here is how my morning started.

Yes, those are more (12) porcupine quills.
Apparently Annie did not learn her lesson two weeks ago.
Luckily, Dr. Becky was home and had them removed in no time.
Annie, Annie, Annie....
Why my dogs continue to do this is yet another mystery.

And since I discontinued my sewing blog (just not enough time in the day)...
I will share my projects with you here on this blog.

I finished another leather/bead wrap bracelet.
For this one I used navy leather and tiny navy barrel beads.
It will fit a wrist up to 7 inches around doubled.

I finally finished my knitting project...
it's a cowl/shoulder cozy
(which looks a little funny since my dress form does not have arms!)
This project was a whole lot of fun...
with the exception of the three inch band above the bust....
which was done in "crossed" stitch and was challenging.

And lastly, I finished the apron that I started on Monday.

It is a vintage-inspired full apron (my own pattern)

with vintage inspired kitchen fabric.
The bias tape is handmade and matches the back placket.
One size fits most all.
All of my aprons are for me when the perfect one comes along!

Now, back to the sewing room to start another!

PS:  Today is Hubbs' and my wedding anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! You seem to be a great 'team'!


  2. Love all your completed projects!! Just letting you know, this hasn't posted to Facebook it this morning. It's currently 4:53 AM. Thanks, have a great day

  3. oh no annie! maybe moonbeam has shit for brains? happy anniversary! are you doing anything special?

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and hubbs! Hope your day is filled with special things and lots of love. Maybe Annie will stay away from skunks and porcupines for you...

  5. Happy Anniversary! Terri C

  6. Happy Anniversary! I hope you both have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Again, you amaze me! I somehow have more than 24 hrs in your day than the rest of us! Projects all look great.

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Hopefully you two take 5 seconds for something special today. Okay, chores together can be quite romantic, LOL What every you do - Enjoy, Hugs!!

  9. Crazy horse, crazier dog and a big Happy Anniversary to you both! Patty/NS

  10. Happy Anniversary. I saw FB post last night. That poor baby of yours. She sure loves adventure!

  11. Happy, Happy Anniversary!! I hope you are able to do something special to celebrate.
    As for porcupines and dogs---my vet told me that you can have a dozen dogs and it's ALWAYS the SAME dogs that get into porcupines over and over and over. His suspicion is that they take on a sort of revenge thing in their heads--"That animal hurt me last time I saw it, now I'm going to hurt it."

  12. Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for sharing your sewing projects!! Poor Annie! AND poop in the fly-mask?!?!?!

  13. Happy Anniversary a few days late . . . way behind in catching up with comments . . .
    Son and DIL celebrated 26 years on the 27th too . . . I was on time with my wishes for them! Smile . . .


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