Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better!

Ahhhh....the good with the bad.
Is it possible that I am being tested right now?
Actually, I know not.  Because for most part, the good always outweighs the bad around here.

But, is Tuesday morning (yesterday for you) and I am sitting here
at my computer.
The rain is falling steadily outside, as it has throughout most of the night.
It let up long enough for me to get the morning chores done.
It is 8:30 and already I have bathed both Annie and Oakley for yet another skunk attack!

Do I have a sign on my back that says "Skunk Me"?
I mean really.
Enough already.

I am seriously considering a name change.
How about Skunk Haven Acres?
After all, the skunks seem to be much more prolific than the bees!

The silver lining is that so many of you have left comments to enter our giveaway...
and have given me some useful information about who is out there in blog-land.

I have to to tell you... I asked for basic gave gifts from the heart.
I've said it are the best!
If only we were neighbors and could have these chats across the fence!

I will tuck your comments away in the pocket closest to my heart, 
for those days when I need a little pick-me-up.

Most days that pick-me-up is in the form of an animal visit.
However, with today's endless rain, it's nice to have some friends to "chat" with!
And y'all are from that's really exciting!

Tuesday was pretty much a literal "wash" around the farm.
A day of heavy rain kept Daphne and Chloe under cover.
Not even a tasty green pasture could lure them out of their dry abode.

The horses, on the other hand, have that motto we all know...
"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...."

Nothing keeps them from enjoying that pasture grass!

"Rain?" says Moonbeam, taking a break from eating..."What rain?"

Afternoon came and time for their feed (mineral/vitamin supplement...basically)
so the horses came back to the barn on their own.

"Hey, girls, what are you doing here?  Did you need a change of scenery?"

"Where's Ollie?  Everyone else is accounted for."

Naturally, Ollie does what Ollie's been this way forever.

Such is the way with orphan horses...they just never learn to behave.
Thankfully he is the smallest we have.

Usually when he acts up we just sort of chuckle because he is so small.
However if he were a full sized horse.... yikes!

With horses fed, I head out to check on the rest of the crew.

Chickens don't mind rain...

Goats avoid it...

Pigs... prefer room service, thank you.

And at the end of a skunk-filled day,
there was only one thing I could do...

Pick more peaches and make homemade peach ice-cream!

If you love ice-cream as much as we do,
get yourself a little Cuisinart ice cream maker.

You can have a small batch of homemade ice-cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet whenever you like!

The container that makes the ice-cream is kept in the freezer until you are ready to make it...
and then within 15 minutes, you have fresh ice cream!!



  1. we got some rain but not as much as you! it is drizzling here this morning. the horses look so funny with wet manes. you would think the dogs would learn to stay away from skunks?

  2. Loved your rainy day post . . .
    I will stop over for some peach ice cream . . .

  3. Ice cream in 15 minutes? That's awesome!

    Animal behavior is so entertaining. My dog, LizzieBelle, does not care for water. She will tolerate a bath but does not like to go for a swim, does not like to step in puddles (it's hilarious to watch her!) and she definitely does not like to go outside to do her business if it's raining. She's so cute! Hopefully you will have some sunshine today :)

  4. You had me at ice cream....I've added that ice cream maker to my Amazon wish list. Sorry the skunks keep coming to play with Annie and Oakley. Life in the country can be a challenge. Lately when I let the dogs out in the morning, I take a whiff of the air to make sure we have no visitors like that nearby. So far so good. Could you send the rain to Texas, please?

  5. Oh the sights of a rainy day. Living out here in drought conditions, I just want to smell the wet dirt when the rain first falls. My donkeys can live without it too but the rest of us are missing it terribly. Going to look into that little ice cream maker!

  6. That ice cream maker is on my list! 15 minutes and ice cream, I'm in heaven! Oh those stinky dogs! Hopefully skunk season will be over in your area soon. September is when our skunks come out to play. PU!! Boy did the garden and pastures get a drink of water. Hopefully you don't need to get your snorkel out to do chores. Enjoy your day, hugs!!

  7. Patsy from IllinoisAugust 13, 2014 at 9:40 AM

    Not another skunking! Poor babies. I don't know you feelings about things but maybe a trip to the woods with a shotgun would be in order to rid yourself of some of the stinkers. Bring the dogs with you. They seem to be able to find them. Of course, it might scare the poor dogs so they won't go in the woods anymore.

  8. Oh, boy, fresh made ice cream...yum! And peach no less! Yummmmm! We sure would like some of that rain here, it has been sooooo darn hot and dry. We got another one of those big time wind storms again yesterday, so we did get a bit of rain but sure could use more. The whole country is getting weird weather. Hope it changes for you soon.

  9. I LOVE rainy days, as we do not get many around here. We have an over abundance of skunks on our new place too! We are trying to convince them, but they won't listen, to go live at the neighbors. I really think that they are very cute, and if they did not give out that awful odor, I would not mind sharing. But, like you, our dogs just hate them, and will not leave them alone. It gets worse when you have a cat that attacks them too! Grrrr....

  10. Oh, I want an ice cream maker so bad!! I can't wait to start milking so I can have ice cream any time!!

  11. We use our cuisinart all the time, it makes the best ice cream and sorbet! Please send some rain to California!!

  12. You have such a lovely property and take such good care of your animals and gardens. It is a pleasure to read about it everyday. I live in drought stricken central Texas just outside of San Antonio, so the rain looks good to me!

  13. You sure got a good soaking. Did the rain end all hope of getting enough grapes to make a batch of grapejuice this year? You have so much patience with the dogs getting skunked. Poor Oakley looks so defeated between stinking & his ear infection. Annie has become such a beautiful dog (even when wet).
    I look forward to peach ice cream each year, but this year there was none to be found in the grocery stores. Has it become unpopular? How could that be? So I am glad you reminded me to find my Cuisinart in the back of my pantry & I am off to the store to fetch some peaches & cream. Enjoy your rainy day at home.

  14. That's a lot of wet fur and feathers. Poor Oakie...He looks so forlorn. I read that skunks are very prevalent right now. Not news to you. The ice cream looks yummy. I just bought some peaches today. Hope you're having a happy day. That bad little horse looks skinny when he's wet. Wish I did.!

  15. Oh Bev... please send some of that rain our way... we so desperately need it! The Central Valley (AG land) is in a serious drought, 3rd year running.... we so need the rain...
    The only good thing is my tomatoes are giving me a bumper crop... I see a lot of Salsa in our future! lol!
    Hang in there,,,, and be sure to get into some crafty mischief !!! hugz

  16. Bev, just discovered your blog and will return for each post. I am a farm girl at heart so this is a real treat. I have a tip for your skunk problem. I was a dog groomer for many years and we would get skunked dogs in all the time. Here is the only thing that worked. Get a plastic bucket and use this recipe:

    Skunk Stink Removal Recipe

    In a plastic bucket (not metal), mix the following ingredients thoroughly:

    1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

    1/4 cup of baking soda

    Fill the rest with water and dish detergent

    Use this on the dog ( careful around their eyes) Works every time. Don't save the solution it bubbles up with a cap on it.

    Really enjoying your blog will return often.

    1. Thanks Gigi....that is exactly the skunk recipe that I have been using for years. Unfortunately it does not deter the skunk attacks which have been four in the past two weeks. Now that is what I truly need!! Welcome!

  17. There's something magical about rainy days, you can almost hear Mother Nature saying "I needed that" - only to be followed by a beautiful day!


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