Friday, August 8, 2014

I Am Starting To Sound Like A Broken Record

Disaster struck the Frat House last week.
In fact, the horror was so awful, that the Frat House remains closed...

Sadly, our rogue fox family attacked the Roos.
There was only one survivor.
Old Millard lived to tell the tale....
and it wasn't pretty.

But the good news, at least for old Millard is this:
he now lives in the henhouse...
and for the first time in his life has his pick of the ladies.

And what could be more enticing than young Svetlana with her lovely neck fringe!
(Don't mention Svetlana's crew cut to Millard, ok?)

Of course, any potential dates that Millard might want need to be approved by old Roy Boy.

Roy Boy runs the henhouse;
and he runs a rather tight ship.

Millard found this out on his first day.
They had a few issues to work out.
Roy Boy laid down the rules...
Millard tested the rules.
Eventually calm returned to the henhouse...
but only after two assertive roos received a few comb wounds.

While we are on the subject of bad news...
would you be surprised if I told you that both Annie and Oakley got skunked again
yesterday morning?

Yes, tis true... they both came home from their morning jaunt with tongues
hanging low....stinkin' to high heaven!

I've got to say....this is getting old!

I found a little time to work in my craft room...
getting this lot of bracelets ready for a local dress shop.

If there are any that you might like....please let me know and I can send you a close-up picture.

Then, later last evening, I took some time to sit in the gazebo and knit.
I am almost finished with a cowl neck shoulder cozy...

and will show you when it is finished.

 I am planning on finishing this week with a rather quiet weekend here on the farm.
How about you have any excitement planned?
Whatever you are up to this weekend...enjoy!
Hope to see you back on Monday....
I will be here with the news of the weekend and also...
I have a giveaway planned for next week!


  1. Beautiful bracelets, Bev. Never a dull moment at your place, for sure. So sad that those beautiful, healthy roos that I so admired on your post a week or so ago, are gone. I know it's part of life in the country, but still sad. I'm thinking that Annie-Oakley may like the skunk perfume. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear about the Fox and Feed . . .
    Happy the Roo is safe and everyone is adjusting!
    Love the bracelets . . .
    I look forward to seeing your finished "cozy!"
    Never a dull moment in your days . . . is there!

  3. Oh nooo.... I am so sorry you lost those pretty Roo's. :-( I love the bracelet's you make, how much do you sell them for? They are all so pretty, but I really love the 1st and 2nd one and also the 4th from the bottom. Beautiful!

    1. I sell them for $35, however, in the stores that are selling them, they sell for $48.

    2. The first is black with a black, grey and tan bead and silver. The second is orange with orange leaves and orange and green stone, the fourth from the bottom is a red band with silver slides.
      Thanks, Anke!!

  4. Oh my, the trials of the hen house or roo house. Luckily I don't have to worry about foxes, just icky racoons. Oh stinky kids, skunks are just so fun to chance. Love the bracelets! My favorite is # 7 from the top. What color is the band? Enjoy your quiet weekend.

  5. What an eventful week in the roo house-so sorry to hear you lost some roosters. Still everything looks like it is getting back on track…oh yes, sorry about getting "skunked" I can only imagine.

    Your bracelets are quite pretty. You do nice work.


  6. Poor roos and they were handsome too. Your dogs get sprayed more in a week than I've ever had to deal with in a life time!! I'm trying to justify buying another bracelet :) Love the quality of them. I love #7. Will let you know by email when I decide. Your knitting is coming along nicely. Shoulder cozy sounds....cozy. Can't wait to see the finished product. I'm working on a Shrug. Have a great weekend. Will be waiting for Monday morning to hear about your weekend.

  7. So sorry to hear about the Roos. That's very sad. They were beautiful. Have you found any yellow colored charms for your bracelets yet? Love the color of your shrug. You need to build a doggie wash. Have a great weekend. I'm going out for dinner Saturday. Hugs

  8. Lovely bracelets and cowl. Naughty dogs! We had a porcupine encounter with two of our dogs 2 weeks ago. Which meant a trip to the vet, do not need a skunk encounter, but just incase I shld put your kit together. Sorry to hear about the roo attack. so sad. Hopefully the boys continue to get along now. Love your blog, have a lovely weekend! Patty/NS

  9. So sorry for the madness that claimed those poor roosters' lives.
    A slow-paced weekend sounds mighty good.
    Lovely bracelets.

  10. So sorry to read about your roosters. How can you keep that from happening in the future? That would make me crazy I think. Love reading your blog and love seeing your talent for making those lovely bracelets.

  11. We did have a quiet weekend. I hope it worked out that way for you also Bev. Just got home from a trip to Missouri to see some friends so we were tired and it was great to have a quiet few days. Your new hobby is fantastic..I love them all.

  12. I haven't seen a fox since we got our great Pyrs. They used to wreak havoc here, ducks, chickens and even geese were all a-tremble come nightfall. Well, at least the lone survivor is going to live the good life in the hen house now... I am sure he is taking full advantage of his new lifestyle!


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