Friday, July 18, 2014

My World In A Droplet

Several weeks ago I spent a Saturday morning at an auction.
It was the Saturday that I found that great railroad baggage cart.

You might also remember that I bought 48 crystal chandelier teardrops.
And, at that time I said that I had a plan for those teardrops.

Yesterday, perhaps the most gloriously beautiful summer day thus far,
gave me the opportunity to put my plan into action.

You see, a couple of months ago I ordered a gazebo for the farm.
It will serve as a wedding "chapel" of sorts for Amanda's wedding next summer.
Yesterday that gazebo was delivered.

Situated next to the garden, it looks over a beautiful lawn that stretches from the garden
to the indoor arena. 

This area is home to the grape arbor, the swing, and the perennial garden.

As for the crystal rain drops...
they are now decorating the gazebo...

and 48 tiny droplets reflect the world around them...

my world in a droplet...

beauty, condensed...

Magical, indeed, I think!

The bride-to-be is quite are her tiny droplet twins!

Even the dogs gave their stamp of approval...

Anything that provides some afternoon shade for napping is just fine by them!


  1. i love what you have done with the droplets. did you get your gazebo from amish gazebos? i've been talking to them about mine.

  2. Love the droplets on the gazebo. My husband wants one for our yard and he even knows where he wants to place it. Guess he is turning into a bit of a romantic in his older years. xox

  3. The gazebo is the perfect home for the crystal droplets. What a neat idea you had!!

  4. So pretty...everything, the gazebo, the area surrounding it...and, of course those droplets!

  5. It's stunning! I love the droplets! Blessings for the bride-to-be!

  6. It's gorgeous alone, but with the crystals, it's amazing!

  7. Perfectly beautiful "Droplet Design!"
    The setting will be wonderful for Amanda's wedding . . .
    One more job to add to your resume' . . . wedding planner . . .

  8. Beautiful! I never would have thought of that.......I guess that's why you get paid the big bucks! In happiness & satisfaction, you surely do.

  9. What a great idea..Absolutely gorgeous...They need to bottle that brain of yours...Love it...

  10. Oh Bev I love the new addition . The pups I am sure will make good use of it. What a great spot to sit and rest and look over your garden. What a great finishing touch the droplets are. Enjoy!!

  11. They are magical indeed - what a cool look!

  12. WOWZA! That is going to be one stunning chapel. What a wonderful and creative idea. I love the dogs making themselves at home in "their" chapel. Have a great weekend.

  13. Sammy is getting to be a bit predictable. The gazebo with teardrops is amazing!

  14. Oh that is absolutely beautiful. What a great use for the droplets.

  15. When I read the first paragraph, I tried to imagine what one would do with glass droplets, a gazebo and a wedding and I imagined it just right! A bright idea and a virtual world in a droplet. Wonderful spot for a wedding too. I really love the directional yard signs pointing hither thither and yon. Cute idea!

  16. Awesome, I love the reflection of your beautiful world! It just can't get any better than this....can't wait to see the wedding in full bloom.


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