Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hot, Hazy, Humid With a Chance of Thunderstorms

We've reached the tipping point of summer...
where the humidity and the temperature are both in the 90's.

Evening thunderstorms drive moisture into the ground;
which then ascends the next afternoon, hanging in the air like a heavy velvet curtain.

Outside work, on days like these, is reserved for early morning and late evening.
Thankfully, the garden is receiving maximum water with minimal effort!

Yesterday afternoon, I packed three large coolers full of ice into my vehicle
 and headed down the road. (explanation of coolers coming forthwith)

The valley we live in is called Turkey Valley...I guess that explains the turkey!

All of our country roads are edged by tiger lilies (or outhouse ...really sh**house lies)
...making for a beautiful drive.

I had received a call on Monday from our Amish neighbors that our
30 pasture raised chickens were being butchered and would be ready to pick up Wednesday  at 1:00 sharp.

When this call comes, the calendar is cleared and vacuum-packaging and freezing chickens
becomes the task of the day (it's not something that can wait!).

Their farm is pristine...I would have loved to have taken pictures of their gardens and children;
but, out of respect, restrained myself.
Their horses (family mode of transportation) didn't mind the photo.

Three hours later, the chickens were safely stowed in our chest freezer...
ready to be turned into about 90 meals this winter (yes, they are BIG chickens!),
(Come November, I will return to the same farm to pick up two turkeys for Thanksgiving
and later.)
and I headed out to do another blueberry picking... another three quarts.

Wilted and overheated, I decided to sit in the shade inside the donkey yard and visit with the girls.

The horses (not loving this heat) stay out of the hot sun.

The donkeys?
Well, they don't seem to mind the heat at all.
I suppose since their ancestry is Sicily and Sardinia, they are built for the heat.

You might notice that Daphne (like our pony Scarlet) takes her fly mask off every chance she gets.

It's a full time job just keeping everyone's masks on!

BTW, I tried a new product...a roll on fly repellant by Absorbine (as some had suggested)
 but found that the applicator just does not dispense enough liquid for adequate coverage.
In did not work for me.
So, fly masks are my first line of defense for the face.


  1. I'm sorry the product didn't work for you, I also use swat, which works all day long.. if you're not familiar with it, it's a cream you rub on the face, around eyes and ears, and it really does work well if you don't mind the stuff on your hands. For my guys, the constant looking for the masks out in the field and the sweat they accumulated underneath were the deterent and I gave up on them.

    We have that same humidity and Lord it is thick as pea soup this morning. Love your images, thanks for sharing.

  2. i am SO over the hot and humid weather! teddy only goes out first thing in the morning and very late at night. i am always trying to find places that sell free range chickens. i can't wait for this weekend to be over. it gets pretty crazy here for the 4th!

  3. Locally, we call those daylilies Ditch Lilies! LOL!

  4. Hot and Steamy sure made for some wonderful pictures though!
    Cooler weather here . . . maybe it is flowing your way . . .
    Happy 4th of July . . .

  5. Funny how plants have different names in other parts of the country. Those are what we call common day lilies. Tiger lilies here are shaped like an asian lily and have an orange blossom with brown spots.

  6. Nothing like raising your own meat birds.We have been doing it for a few years now and I never want to think of a store bought one ever again!! Those blueberries look so scrumptious. Thanks for your inspiration I'm heading out to work in the veggie and flower garden for a bit.

  7. The thunderstorms have missed us so far. I've had to water the last few days. Hot and buggy. Not loving it. Hope you're drinking lots of water. Hugs.

  8. Wonderful images, especially that soft donkey nose. :) Thank you for the smile that it put on my face!

  9. Lucky you to have all that chicken in your freezer! I'll bet your chickens are delicious, Julia Child said the French had the best chickens, but I'll bet your's are just as tasty.

    I see Lime Blueberry jam in your future! I make that recipe every year now since you shared it on your blog a few years ago. It's delicious.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  10. Oh how I envy your fresh chicken. The sign says chow chow. I wonder what that is. I am off for an entire week. No government cubicle for an entire week! Yippppeee. But it will be 110 come Monday. Enjoy the humidity, it makes your skin youthful. Out in dried up CA. we all look tired, weathered and 80 years old.
    Happy 4th of July!

  11. Always look forward to your post. It brings a smile to my heart. Happy 4th Dear Friend.
    Janice in York, Pa. {Having thunderstorms here right now}

  12. Oh my, this was so enjoyable Beverly... What beautiful photos... It has been over 100 for days.. I am pretty much done with the hot also... How great it would be to have our roads edged with tiger lilies..
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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