Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blueberries, Turkeys and Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...and More Dog?

If you stop by the farm for a visit and cannot find me....
check the garden or the blueberry patch.
They are keeping me quite busy these days!

Our 100 blueberry bushes are quite productive this year.
We have been picking them every other day and getting several quarts.

Yesterday I turned 1 pint into Lemon/Blueberry pound cake
 (Recipe here)(you won't be disappointed!)
and another 6 quarts into blueberry lime jam.
(Recipe here) (I do a lower sugar version)

Last evening's family time was spent...
you guessed it...
picking blueberries!

This time we had lots of help.

Curious to see what we were up to,
the chickens and turkeys made their way up to the blueberry patch.

The turkeys kept trying to pick their own blueberry snack.
Unfortunately, they don't understand the difference between ripe and not,
and tend to just pick random clusters of berries.

Needless to say, we will not be inviting them back for further picking sessions!

We took a moment for a family portrait...an almost impossible task
with camera-shy Oakley (notice me holding his collar to keep him from running.)
It is next to impossible to get all three of these pups to sit still for a group photo...
believe me.... we had many "takes" until we had a shred of cooperation!

now I need some serious advice.
If you have read my blog for some time you will remember that at one time we had 5 dogs...
Hickory (Norfolk Terrier)
Sadie (Bernese Mtn Dog)
Maddie (Newfie)
and Sam.
We had never set out to have 5 dogs, but somehow it just happened.
We started with Sadie and Maddie....and along the way, the others just needed us.
Then, as life happens, the three girls passed away in the span of a year.
The last to pass was our beloved Newfie, Maddie 
(if you have ever had a Newfie you will understand when I say...
Newfies are like no other dog....best dog ever!)

Then along came Annie and our little dog family is quite happy!

Why rock the boat, right?
Well, the other day, a coworker of Hubbs told him about a 6 month old Newfie
who is in a rescue and needs a home...
Rosie is her name...

She looks identical to our Maddie when she was young....
Be still my heart.

So the question is...
oh, you already know the question....
are we insane for even considering it?
Tell me....help me....what do you think.... should we?


  1. I think you've already made up your mind @:)

  2. First of all I want to thank you again for the bracelet. Love everything about it.
    Glad your blueberries are doing so well this year. The jam and the pound cake look scrumptious. Going to check the recipes out later.
    As far as another dog....you have the means to take care of it...the love in your heart and more than enough room for another....I say go for it!!! So when do you pick her up :)

  3. Those silly turkeys always make me smile! They are such lurkers! I am very envious of your blueberry crop, as they are always rather expensive here.
    Rosie looks adorable; how sad that she is homeless. You would be the ideal owner for her, in that you have experience with this breed and know what to expect. You have plenty of room, and the means to give her a very happy and healthy life. And you are obviously already a little bit smitten! Maybe it is just meant to be!


  4. ABSOLUTELY!!! If you are capable of taking her and you want to take her--TAKE HER :) She's gorgeous.

  5. go get rosie right now!!! this is destiny. i think maddie sent her to you!

  6. Absolutely do it! This girl needs the good home you can give her and you definitely have room in your heart for another dog. I had a Bernese and miss him terribly...can't wait for the day that I can have another "big lug".

  7. Patsy from IllinoisJuly 8, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    I think you need to go and scoop up that precious wiggling mass of black fur. You know you want her and she wants you right back.

  8. Yes! marsha@tubbslanefarm.com

  9. Oh, that beautiful face. You have lots of love and space in your home. How can you not adopt? April

  10. No, you have enough work already. A Newfie will find a home that is for sure.

  11. Love the family portrait! Hmmmmm...something is missing. Number 4! Go for it,Bev!!

  12. Rosie's a Newfie ... stick to the speed limit and go adopt that baby 'cause you know you want her and you want her bad!!

  13. Gayle from Oklahoma!July 8, 2014 at 9:31 AM

    Do it!

  14. I'm laughing that you even asked us about Rosie, of course we will all say go get her. We all know you have plenty of room for one more and bounds of love. I think the only question is what will the other three think? Try her out and see if she gets along. Can I just say I miss Sadie!! hugs!

  15. I think you would give that dear dog a most wonderful life, how could you not? I'll bet she and Annie get to be best friends!

  16. We have 6 dogs! A Corgi mix, 4 Golden Retrievers and a Labrador Retriever! Our floors are always fuzzy but its a happy home! Adopt her, she needs you, she will love you forever!

  17. Well, you know the personality of the Newfs, she will fit in like an old shoe! Give her the good life on a farm - not some city house. Do It!

  18. absolutely yes, your hearts are big enough for another member of the pack.

    Annie v.

  19. And I quote..."I will never own another Newfie..They bred the bones out of those dogs."..?? Gonna eat those words?? I predict..you will !!Love the family pictures...Good pic with Amanda and the turkeys..A family that picks together stays together..Hmmmm..Too bad all the company you had couldn't help..Have a great day..Watcha gonna name her??

  20. Oh yeah, you absolutely MUST do it! You KNOW you want to. The farm would be the perfect dog home for her!

  21. Go for it Bev! You have the perfect home for her. And she's beautiful just like Maddie.

  22. Are you Kidding Me??... Bring her home!!!

  23. GET THAT DOG!! What a wonderful life you will provide for her. Lucky girl! And you know you need another Newfie.

  24. I think you have already decided. And besides, you have lots of room......in your farm, and in your heart!

  25. Great, natural family pic . . .
    No doubt about it . . . YES . . . bring her into the fold . . .

  26. I am sure, by the time you read my comment,,, she will already be in your home... as it should be! After all, a home is not a home with out dog/cat hair everywhere! Hugz

  27. Yes,Yes,Yes!!!!! Add Rosie to your family. Gotta love those Newfies! And I will love, so much, hearing your stories and seeing your pictures of her in your family! I love the name too! Hoping you'll decide to adopt her and give her a great home!

  28. I have two dogs (corgi, schipperke) and two cats (manx), which are my furry children. I would love to get a St Bernard to add to the family. I say get her, she will only add to the enjoyment.

  29. take her, take her, take her !

  30. I think she wants to move in with you. I like your 100 blueberry bushes, I have 2 bushes and would like more. Your turkeys are handsome.


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