Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Rosie Day in the Garden

Thanks so much for weighing in yesterday on our 
potential adoption of Rosie the Newfie!
I could have predicted what your response would be.

While it is true that I am very busy and
 life is very full.. it is full of the things that I love the most.

But there is always room to love a soul who needs it.
And a Newfie?...returns that love 100 fold!

And so, dear Rosie is coming for a farm visit on Thursday night.
She will meet the family and we will see how we all get along.
At that point we will make a decision.
My guess is that all will be fine.

enjoying the air conditioning in my foster home
So, enough of that!
I wanted to show you a couple of lovely things in the garden.

Orange Coneflower
This box is new this year...and holds beans of all sorts...

green beans, lima beans, Christmas limas (dry bean) and this
incredible Chinese Red Noodle bean...

It is a green bean on the outside, green on the inside.

Outside the garden, hanging in the green bean vines...
Hubbs' old work boot (the other is planted) repurposed as a birdhouse.

I took a lot of time last summer planting perennials around the border of the garden.
This summer they are lush and lovely...

a wallpaper of sorts for this outdoor room I call my garden.

And then on the lower corner of the garden...
the biggest grapevine ever!

Believe it or not...that huge mass of grapevines that spreads in either direction
from the corner... is just one single grapevine.

This single grapevine will supply us with grape jam and grape juice to last 
through the winter.

We try not to waste anything on the farm...
especially our produce.

Even lettuce that has bolted finds a welcomed place with the pigs...

To that, Ginger and MaryAnn say... "Lettuce Eat!"


  1. i can't wait to see rosie and hope she fits right in! those piggies might get skinny from eating that lettuce!

  2. Your photography is beautiful!! You must have an amazing camera, not to mention an amazing talent! Love your posts!

  3. Sorry, but you can't ever say "enough of that" when you talk about your animals. That's at least half (maybe more) of why I read your blog every morning. Can't wait to meet Miss Rosie! The pack will be thrilled to have a new friend to share their adventures.

  4. Your garden is going gangbusters! That grapevine is amazing!
    So glad you are welcoming another member into the family. Lucky dog!

    I'd love for you to share this on The Maple Hill Hop!

  5. There wasn't a doubt that Rosie will be family. That grapevine is amazing, wow! My garden had a bad start this year. Those lovely girls(hens) broke in and raided the place. They are lucky I wasn't hungry for chicken and dumplings. So with some replanting I may get a little produce this year, girls!! Enjoy all your bounties from the garden!!

  6. Hi - new follow here popping over from The Dancing Donkey. I too have grape vines growing on the garden fence and I just LOVE how they spread. I know I need to cut them back to get more grapes, but I think I will let them grow as the wish and plant some wine grapes in another area. Your photos are wonderful!

  7. I liked the first one of the flower and the fence. Thumbs up for that shot. I like as I live in the country and I adore fences and your flowers. .

  8. Your flowers are lovely. What is the red? Love that color. Yarrow? I guess Rosie will soon be a member of the Family. Lucky girl. Everything looks so green and lush. Enjoy your day.

  9. I do have a Newfie question. How big is Rosie? How old? I think that Newfies are so cute!!!

  10. Love that old boot birdhouse. : ) What a great idea.
    Your farm is so neat and tidy. The nicest one I've ever seen.
    You live my fantasy life. : )

  11. OMG! So excited that Rosie is coming to the farm : ). I know her sleepover will go well and hope everyone is happy to share their space with her. Fingers crossed! Patty/NS

  12. Wow - I so enjoy looking at your farm everyday! And so glad "your new dog" is coming for a visit LOL

  13. Awesome that Rosie is coming to your farm she will just love just there , I do lol ! Oh Wrens like to nest in old boots that will fun to see who does nest in it ! Your gardens look wonderful . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. Love Ginger and MaryAnn!!
    Looks like they're in Hog Heaven :-}}}

  15. Okay, now I feel slow. My Chinese red noodle beans are JUST starting to flower and yours are more than a foot long! Where are you located again and when did you plant them? I am really excited for the beans and the vines are already over 8 feet tall!

  16. Rosie is a love and your garden and grapes are amazing! Will you share your grape recipes? I hope so! :) I'm making your lime blueberry jam this week!

  17. Excited for the "meet up" tonight . . .
    I hope there are pictures . . .
    Lovely flowers . . . and oh my, YOU HAVE GRAPES!


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