Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Camera Made Him Faint!

You might remember a couple weeks ago when I posted a picture
of our shy Andy (the fainting goat) wearing a coat of
post-winter dread locks.

I am happy to report that Andy has shed out his winter coat and is looking quite handsome now.

Still shy, he got up in a hurry and took off running.

Within seconds, his legs stiffened...

he went down on his front knees...

and did a very uncoordinated face plant...

a fainting goat "faint" ... Andy-style.
Don't worry, he was only down for a matter of seconds
and quickly rose again to continue running.
There's just something about the camera that sends him running!

Dreadlocks are quite fashionable this Spring in the goat world of fashion.
It seems that everyone is trying the style.

Sissy (who is never camera shy...but strikes her best pose)...


Within weeks, everyone will trade in this look for a much sleeker one.
For now, though, they all look like a bunch of ragamuffins!

Remember the new pumpkin patch with the bunny gate?

Well...things are really growing in this little garden.

It won't be long until I have about 50 heads of cabbage...
(that's a lot of sauerkraut!)
I can hardly wait to see what types of pumpkins grow on those vines!

It seems I just never quite get done planting!
I have been filling empty spaces in my house gardens...

with terra-cotta pots filled with blossoms...

a way to puppy proof the flowers...

so little Annie Panties can't step on them and crush them!

Have any of you ever seen this perennial?

I don't remember it's name, but it is one of my favorites...
it comes back bigger and bigger each year.

Don't you just love purple flowers???


  1. Hi Bev! You mentioned sauerkraut in your post this a.m. Would you be willing to share your method of making it and how you keep it (jarred or in a crock)? So nice to read about your trip to Ireland and Scotland, it sounds wonderful! Thanks for all the info you share on your blog, I look forward to it every day!

    1. This is the technique I use. I find that it takes a little more salt than he calls for. I salt each layer that I mash down...then add another layer of shredded cabbage, mash down and salt. By the time I am done I have a lot of juice covering my cabbage. His directions are good...I use the exact same materials.

    2. And when it is ready....I put it in mason jars and keep in the refrig. This year I will be processing jars to keep in the pantry for use later....and most likely will be gifting a lot of sauerkraut (with 50 heads of cabbage coming in!).

    3. Thank you so much! I will need to try this. Congratulations on the new brood, Mrs. Waddlington has some very busy days ahead! Lisa from Lancaster County

  2. your gardens are wonderful!!! i want that pumpkin patch! that flower is baptisia. i have it in purple and yellow. the cold winter really kick started mine and it is huge this year!

  3. Poor Andy..I know that's what they do but it's painful to watch...Your gardens are flourishing and look lovely. I think that flower is Baptisa or something like that..It sure has gotten big..Lovely..I need to put in a couple more perennials.. Hopefully soon..

  4. Oh my goodness a fainting goat.. how funny! and to catch it on camera.. I have always heard goats are fun to have.. yours seem to be.. Your home is gorgeous and the flowers are beautiful.. 50 head of cabbage..yes, that will be lots of sauerkraut...and cole slaw and cooked cabbage and you could can some relish too. Makes me hungry.. have a great day and Blessings around the farm!

  5. Bev, I believe your lovely purple plant is called "False Indigo" We have one as well, and LOVELOVE the luscious purply-blue blossoms!!! From Karla in Coal City

  6. Blue false indigo (Baptisa australis, I THINK?). Native prairie plant in tall- and mid-grass prairies. Cool pods on it later in the year. Nice!

  7. Hi Bev,
    Andy is such a stunning goat!
    Your garden is just beautiful! I love the purple flowers, and your fence, it is just wonderful! Did you jig saw the shapes? It's great!

  8. I love the blue . . . I remember planting one of those several years ago. Mine was gorgeous although it was in a spot receiving to much water from the sprinklers. I tried to move it . . . no luck. I must find the name and purchase a new one . . .

  9. I was thinking it looks like Lupin aka Blue Bonnets... but then again,,, it's hard to tell.. sweet looking none the less..
    Once you find out, let us know... (seed sharing could be fun..)


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