Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scenes From A Summer Day In The Goat Yard

Summer Solstice is just around the corner...
temperatures have hit the 90's.

I sit with my back against a goat house,
trying to keep within the boundaries of shade...
out of the blistering sun.

Have you noticed that the sun's rays feel hotter than they used to?
It feels as though I am sitting in front of a roaring fire,
my skin searing by the moment.

As I sit and watch the goats, they go about their lazy afternoon activities...




lazy eating...


The camera clicks away, and I am aware of a presence over my right shoulder...

"Oh, hello there, Donald."

As you can see, the goats all have their sleek summer coats now...
just in time, too.
It's hot!
Amazingly, goats never seem to mind the heat.
They just keep on doing what they always do.

I spent a good part of yesterday weeding the garden and mowing.
The work is endless, but the rewards...



  1. I can't imagine how you do it . . . 85-90's about does me in!
    I weeded a large Hosta perennial garden yesterday and my reward was when I finished with a whew,
    happy that is finished . . .

  2. it is terribly hot and the humidity!!! the heat from the city makes it much worse. teddy and i are not happy with this weather.

  3. I sit here with my morning coffee and it is 50 degrees. A bit cloudy with just a few sun peeks. The debate, do I turn some heat on or put a sweater on. I opt for the sweater and another hot cup of coffee. Oh summer you were here and now you are gone. But even in this chill the weeds keep on a growing, darn them!! Enjoy you day in the garden!

  4. I think our skin gets thinner as we age, making the sun feel more like it's baking us than anything else.
    I can't tolerate much of it anymore.

  5. I wonder if the moisture makes it more searing or is it age?? I remember lying in the sun all day on sand that you couldn't walk on without burning your feet...I don't even want to go to the beach now,..I don't enjoy that "burning" feeling and it only takes seconds for it to start..Glad we have shade to escape to..I wish I were a goatie !!

  6. Actually it is still pretty nice weather wise up here in the mountains Garrett County, Md. In the 80's but still have a breeze.
    Those strawberries looks so very good.

  7. Love those goats! There's a story on NPR today about goat herders tackling the overgrown lot's in Detroit. It's so interesting.
    It's a cool cloudy and 68 degrees here in the PNW today. Hope you are staying cool and comfortable. Those gorgeous strawberries will help. Maybe add a little whipped cream. And an iced tea...and a porch....

  8. Looks like everyone is finding different ways of coping with the heat. I especially relate to the "lazy eating" photo - my kind of adjusting to hot weather. Those strawberries look delicious! I picked a couple of gallons at the local U-Pick farm the other day. I think I ate one for each one I put in the pail. Good thing they don't weight the people picking before & after.. I just finished making strawberry-rhubarb jam & now I'm going to have a bowl of strawberries with vanilla bean yougurt - heaven in a bowl. Hope you all find a way to stay cool.


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