Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lazy Summer Afternoons

Those hot, hazy, humid days of summer have arrived.

Heat loving flowers are happily shining their faces skyward...

spreading a full spectrum of color across the gardens.

Warm afternoons are best spent beneath shade trees...



dust bathing...

saving more energetic activities for the early morning, or late evening.

It's moments like these that are perfect for relaxing with a close friend...

sharing a moment...

As I sat there in the pig yard watching Moll and MaryAnn napping,
MaryAnn suddenly rolled over onto her belly
and placed her head in my lap.
She laid there like that for quite some time as I rubbed her ears and talked to her.
These girls are so very much like dogs...
loving the attention and affection.

Just like dogs, they come running as soon as I enter the yard...

always seeming to have a smile on their face!

I love these pigs!!


  1. that is quite a smile! i feel like laying in a puddle in this weather!

  2. Love your piggies! Moll seems to love them too!

  3. You have the Peaceable Kingdom at your house. :)

  4. I love your pigs! I just started reading your blog, are they both sows? Do you breed them? What breed are they? I have a few sows that I breed. They are Hampshire, my boar is Yorkshire, but I'm looking for a different breed to replace my boar. I love living on the farm and having a variety of animals. I love hearing about yours too! And seeing the pics. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sultry for sure..Wish I had a puddle to lie in..Your pictures look "cool"..As in temperature...Enjoy your day.

  6. A sweet piggy smile : ) nothing could be better! Patty/NS

  7. And they are just as sweet as their owner!

  8. I always get a smile when I open a post from you . . .
    This one was a BIG smile . . .

  9. Livin' large, aren't they? I'd love for you to share this outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  10. Beautiful flowers. I do like those pigs!!!


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