Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If You Were Wondering About Leo.....

There's a bit of competition at chore time...
Bobby and Annie vying for "shotgun" position in the gator.

Annie:  " said I could ride shotgun!"

Me:  "You can, Annie...but there is enough room for both of you."

Annie:  "Blaaahhhh!"

Bobby soon had enough of sharing and jumped into my lap for the ride to the barn.

Every summer the same scenario plays over and over...
In the morning I put 7 fly masks on 7 equines.
By mid morning, only 6 are still on.
Scarlet, the fly mask Houdini, somehow removes hers.

Part of the problem is the size of her head...not quite pony size, but a little too big for mini size.
The other half of the problem is the fact that she is a bit of a diva
and is always complaining about "hat hair!" comes the fly mask.

This year I ordered her a girlie mask...thinking that perhaps that would appeal to her vanity.

Not so...
an hour later it's in the dust!

I am not sure how she accomplished this feat.
This mask is pony sized, but I sewed a few nips and tucks into it so that it fit her perfectly.
And on top of that, it has super velcro closures.
"Where there's a will....."

From time to time I get inquiries about Leo.
Little Leo the Lionhearted is a nocturnal hunter and spends most of his days asleep...
usually somewhere hidden in the hayloft.

Yesterday I ventured into the top of the barn in search of the great hunter.
TomTom greeted me at the top of the steps.
Why the cats prefer the heat of the hayloft, I will never understand.
It was 88 degrees outside...probably 98 in the hayloft.
Downstairs in the barn....78 degrees.

"Leo...." I called.
No answer.
Over and over I called for Leo.

Then Sammy appeared in the hayloft and within seconds, Leo wandered out from behind the hay.

These two have always been great buddies...

Two peas in a pod!


  1. Funny how Leo only responds to her friend and not her owner.. LOL As a child I too played in a hay loft sometimes. I understand why Leo loves it there behind the bales.

  2. Leo looks aloof and inscrutable towards humans. Great pics of him and Sammy.

  3. i love the way all of your animals get along.

  4. I love your pictures and comments!!! So cute!! You have such a beautiful farm. Loved my visit there with my granddaughter's Footprints preschool.

  5. I like the Fly Mask Diva, the gator pair and the hay loft twosome brought an Awwwww to my heart . . .

  6. Adorable!

    About those fly masks. I have used them occasionally, but usually found them more often than not in the pasture. I'm guessing they are uncomfortable and itchy and bugs do get under them occasionally... and I have found that the horses do sweat underneath them too. Another blogger recommended using Absorbine ultrashield roll-on and she has found it works really well without sticky residue and she has stopped trying to use the masks. I'm going to look for that product as well.

  7. Awww Leo, a great favorite of mine though that Annie is stealing my heart too! Terri C

  8. If you read she had a new way of getting rid of the flies and the fly masks. Read her post today.

  9. love your blog and all your animals. I read and she had a post today about a new thing so she doesn't have to use fly masks anymore, you should read it.

  10. Love those pictures of the cats and can just read their expressions!

  11. Love your blog. So much to see. I always love seeing your flowers and fairy garden. But all your animals that you share with me. Love It.. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I really missed your blog..Your "Tails" always make my day..Bobbi had the best seat..You need a spy cam for Scarlet..Too funny..I had a cat that used to lie on top of the refrigerator where it was warm..They love warmth...
    Enjoy your day..

  13. So sweet. That hayloft looks mighty inviting for a nap!

  14. Isn't that funny how the animals form friendships? Mine do the same thing! We have "pairs" of cats. We have two orange brothers that constantly follow each other around and walk "tail in tail" like they are walking hand in hand. Pretty cute. Where there is one, the other is never very far away.

  15. Carson, down in Mountainair, New Mexico, has had luck with roll-on fly repellent this year. Her donkeys and horse were as uncooperative about fly masks as yours are - you might want to try this out. Here's the link to the post on her web site:

    Hope it works for your babies.


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