Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me....

It's hard to believe that all of Summer's excitement is behind us now.
And yet in a way, it's kind of nice to have life slow down a bit.

Waking up with no required activities, other than the long list of farm chores
that need attending to, is rather satisfying.

The weather is being cooperative.

Not too hot, not too humid...
sadly, that will all change in time.

For now, though, I am energetic and ready to tackle the long list.

Yesterday proved a perfect day for accomplishing a long list of tasks.

With the help of our friend Jim I moved all 40 of the young hens that arrived 
here as just hatched chicks on April 1st.

Taking groups of 12 to 15 at a time,
we moved them in pet carriers...

and safely delivered them to their new quarters.
A few days inside the henhouse and adjacent yard will teach
these gals that this is their new home.

By the end of the week they will be able to free range with the rest of the hens...
spending their days in search of tasty insects and grass,
as well as the occasional spa treatment (dust baths).

With chickens safely relocated,
I set about to tackle a bit of the week's mowing.
I mowed the yards around the farmhouse,  the grounds around the barn,
the manure pile field and the area around the pumpkin patch.
I mowed 3 goat pens and the area around my vegetable garden.

Two loads of laundry were dried on the line, folded and put away.
I loaded the manure spreader multiple times so that we could spread manure on the 
freshly mowed hayfields.

And lastly, spent some time harvesting in the vegetable garden.

Each and every box is filled with edible delights...

yesterday's bounty included green beans...

sugar peas...

broccoli and cucumbers....

A trip to the pigpen for a few moments' relaxation was my reward. 

A little visiting and belly rubbing...

before returning to the house to clean vegetables and strawberries,
as well as get dinner started.

Farm days are filled with work, work, and more work...
but this kind of work never gets old...
and each morning I am eager to rise and start all over again!

I am happy to tell you that Annie is officially off the leash.

She is completely farm-worthy...

and seems to know that the farm animals are off limits.


  1. That looks like a charming place. My hometown doesn't allow farm animals (except chickens, as of recently), but I hope to move to a neighboring town soon and keep animals and grow food. Nice pictures!

  2. I can't wait to have a farm again. It is a lot of a work but it's such satisfying work. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your farm!

  3. A good thing you "love it!" It sounds like a very, very full day to me.
    The mowing sounded like best part . . . I hope you were riding a lawmaker tractor mower

  4. i can't imagine a better way to spend the day. i was on the farm of my dreams the other day. i will post pics tomorrow. i had the worst farm envy! annie makes me happy each time i see her.

  5. What a day of work! What a day of fun! Sounds like a perfect day to me! Hugs!!

  6. Love all the photos of the critters and the garden. It looks like a little Garden of Eden!

    - Katie and Mark

  7. Yumeeee..Looks good..Congratulations to Anni..Good girl..Twas beautiful day..

  8. You have so much growing. There is not that long a growing season up here and things are just now starting to take off. Always enjoy a visit to your farm. : )

  9. It's nice to have the main event behind you and the summer ahead if you! Annie is a love!

  10. What a satisfying day's work. The chickens have so much room in that henhouse. I'm sure they'll love their new digs.
    Your produce looks delicious! Enjoy the harvest.
    Yay Annie!
    Feel free to share this on The Maple Hill Hop!


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