Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Catching Up

Isn't it strange that the very best days are just regular days
spent doing regular chores...

surrounded by my critters!

Immersing myself in farm chores gave me such satisfaction.

Not to mention a return to the comforts of home!

A lot changed in the two weeks we were gone.

Everything is blossoming.

The containers that I planted before leaving on vacation have filled in nicely.

The garden is filled with tasty edibles.

The strawberries, a little late this year, should soon begin to ripen.

Garden boxes are growing, growing, growing!

It was nice to once again visit with Ginger and MaryAnn.
I think they were truly happy to see me.

We are officially in fly mask season.

Everyone got new fly masks this summer.
Daphne and Chloe are sporting "full coverage" models...
donkeys incognito!

A sudden surge in temperatures makes everyone just a little lazy.

Tom and Chuck, with new tail feathers, are up to their old tricks.

Mama Quackers still sits on her nest of eggs.
I am hoping that very soon we will have new life at the pond.

Annie has matured in the two weeks we were away.
She now sits in the passenger seat of the gator during chore time...
patiently waiting as I go from task to task.

Everyone fared quite well while we were gone...
thanks to the love and care of good friends and family.
Thank-you, Jim and Kathy, Anna and Amanda!!


  1. What a great post! I so enjoyed reading it! So many wonderful things going on :)

  2. how wonderful to have people that can take care of things while you were gone! it is always good to be back home. everything is looking great!

  3. I was expecting to see Daphne and Chloe sporting tartan Tam O'Shanters!


  4. Nail on the head . . . no place like home . . . . looks like there are several who agree!

  5. I think everyone is happy to have you home!!!!!!!!

  6. Things look wonderful..Beautiful colors..Our strawberries are ready here..2 quarts picked yesterday..hope I get one :) The equines look great in their haberdashery....

  7. Annie grew so much! So glad you could get away and know your critters were well taken care of. That's so comforting. Enjoy being home!

  8. Glad you are back, we missed you! hugz

  9. Everything looks wonderful in your part of the world! It's so nice that you have reliable help for when you are gone.

  10. You have wonderful friends and family to help you out like that! Glad you are home again and can play, once again, with all your buddies.

  11. Isn't it nice to be able to leave your farm with people who love it as much as you! Annie is getting so big. She's turning into a really good lookin' girl. And what a good gal riding along for chores! She will be good company I think.

  12. Where ever did you find the donkey's masks? My poor old Winston's ears inside are chewed up by the nasty little black flies, no matter how much bug stuff I smear on them. He's currently wearing a horse size fly mask, as soon as the flies come out his eyes water copiously. It'd be nice to find him a mask that actually fits!

    1. I ordered this mask....
      It fits my mini donkeys perfectly.


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