Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Update

Hello!!!  Happy Monday to you!
I am so happy to be able to say that Spring is here to stay!

We enjoyed a lovely Spring weekend here on the farm.
The weather changed every hour or so... from warm and sunny
to windy to rainy and back to sunny again.

I cannot complain... it was actually a perfect mix.
I transplanted the pumpkins, cabbage, and corn that were growing in the greenhouse...
moving them to their new home in the newly constructed pumpkin patch.

The weather was perfect for their first couple of days outside...

not too sunny, enough rain to adequately water the plants, and not too cold.
I think this little pumpkin patch is going to be a great addition.

The weekend gave me an opportunity to do a lot of gardening in the main garden.

I pulled weeds, while Hubbs spread new mulch around.

I planted more seeds.

Garden boxes are filling up with young plants...

eagerly growing each day until that magical day when edible produce appears!

The strawberry plants are green and healthy...
having survived an unbelievably cold winter.

And in the middle of this particular strawberry box we found
a soft downy nest

 filled with...

baby bunnies, I think.
Sadly, Sammy had stolen one of the buns and was playing with it.
I heard a shrill shrieking sound as I was gardening and went over to find a crying baby bunny.
Luckily it was unhurt...just scared...and Hubbs returned it to the nest with gloved hand.

Amazingly, the barn cats have not found this nest.
Now, I know that a bunny nest is not exactly what I want in the middle of my garden...
but, they are so precious, I had to just leave them alone.
Hopefully they will relocate when they are older.
By that time, I will be spending much of my time in the garden,
making it a less attractive home for bunnies!

Look what I picked up on Friday...
4 new colonies of bees.

They are safely installed in their beehives,
and I am keeping my fingers crossed that these hives grow and become strong.

I thought you might like to see our chicklets.
They are officially teenagers now...
all gangly and awkward and getting so very independent!

As soon as the weather is a bit warmer,
these teenagers will start to go outside in their enclosed yard during the daytime.

Meet of the naked neck Turkens.
Isn't she lovely??


  1. what an exciting time on the farm! annie looks so content and happy. i can't wait to see how your pumpkin patch grows! i did a thorough inspection here and we lost all of our wisteria, most of our roses, all but one beauty berry and the lavender is toast! tough tough winter it was!

  2. One more amazing picture set of life at BHA . . . I have no idea how you do all you do.

  3. I look forward to seeing veggies, pumpkins and flowers popping up out of those boxes and patches as the weeks hope by!

  4. Good morning. What a fun post many new things going on. Thought your bunny nest was going to be a mouse nest...what a pleasant surprise!! Do you usually see bunnies around your property? I guess they know a good place to pick up residency....all the lovely greens to choose from. How do you bunny proof the gardens?

  5. I think you had a perfect weekend! You are going to have an amazing garden this year with the new addition. Here's to a start of a great week, Hugs!!

  6. Love your blog - it's great to come to work and check on what's going on in your world. I'm also loving those Annie pictures - it will be fun to watch her grow up! God bless - S. in Ohio

  7. I mean this in the nicest way possible - I'm glad to see the bunny nest in your raised bed. I was afraid I was the only one that happens to. My dog found a nest in my compost pile this weekend!

  8. Hi Beverly,
    What a beautiful post.. So much going on at the farm.. You have been busy.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  9. BHA is looking great! Those bunnies made my heart melt! I don't know how you do it - you must sleep like a rock from all your hard work!

  10. Everything looks wonderful ! You are farther along with spring then we are , we are about a month behind here with the gardens . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. Things look great and thriving with all your TLC..It's a lot of work but a lot of reward there as well...Love

  12. Your gardens amaze me. Each year I try and add more to mine. I am eager to watch as your pumpkin patch grows. So sweet of you to let the bunny nest for now. I do believe they would love to make it their forever home. Not far to find food from home. Demo day me of the Peter Rabbit story. Will the bees be kept in these containers?

  13. Things are just totally buzzing with energy around your place! Sweet bunny babies! Izzy got one in our yard, although it was older than yours look... it always disappoints me when that happens.... the circle of life I guess.


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