Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

There just might not be enough expletives to describe
how deliciously beautiful the past two days have been here on the farm!

Blue skies abound with temps just at 70 degrees...
my absolute favorite!

The barn swallows have returned and chatter away...

as they work on their mud nests in the barn rafters.
Watching their babies grow will be a summertime treat!

Outdoor work is a joy on these beautiful, temperate days.

And time spent with the animals is even better.

We lounge on the ground, feeling the cool, slightly moist earth beneath us.

I spent a little extra time with Ginger and MaryAnn yesterday afternoon
when the chores were done.

It's been so long since we could just lounge on the ground...
I took the opportunity to bask in the warmth of the sun,
surrounded by my gentle friends.

TomTom joined us (usually it's Moll who hangs out with the pigs).
She chose to lounge on the gator instead.

TomTom:  "Hi, Ginger."

Ginger:  "I think I liked the other end better!"

TomTom:  "Am I not just the most adorable kitty?"

Ginger:  "You are cute, but, please keep those claws to yourself!"

It always amazes me how comfortable the animals are with each other.

I finally picked our morel mushrooms.  
Fearing that they would get stepped on or mowed off,
I decided to bring them into the house to dry.
Aren't they just the most curious mushroom?
Curious and delicious!

And when the sun goes down....

It just doesn't get any better than this!
(Sorry Hubbs....who graciously sat on the floor so as not to disturb the pups...
 as Sammy occupied the love seat.)


  1. Good morning. Looks like everything is just perfect on the farm..Nice to see Ginger and MaryAnn basking in the sun. Also happy to see your sundown activity :) Have a great day!!

  2. What a perfect way to spend a spring day. I envy your temperatures, as it is already in the 90's most days where we are. I hope you'll share this on The Maple Hill Hop!

  3. Your animals sure provide your home with a lot of peaceful moments... Love that!

  4. Im "green" with envy. Yesterday was pleasant here but on the chilly side but its mostly been clouds and rain, or the threat of severe thunderstorms. Enjoy your bliss!

  5. I'm not really sure if this could be any happier a post. :) There is something that is so freeing and delightful about those first amazing days of spring. The animals only add to the joy of those days.

  6. It looks like the perfect ending to a perfect day. Well, maybe Hubbs doesn't think so! Hopefully the weather last for more days of perfections! hugs!!

  7. Do you raise the morel mushrooms? If so, how? They grow wild in the mountains of Virginia and we've tried to raise them with no luck. We love them breaded and fried. They're just about gone in our area now.

  8. Thanks for the chuckle..Love the last pic..It's a wonderful life !!!

  9. that last pic is the sweetest one ever!

  10. Sounds like a perfect day. : )

  11. I'm envying you your sunshine and 70's! Here in Wi., we're still not so patiently waiting for that, we mostly are getting chilly wind. I'm also wondering how old Ginger and Maryanne are and if they're full grown.. I just got a kunekune a couple of weeks ago, he's 7-1/2 weeks old and incredibly sweet and entertaining. I'm trying to get some idea of how big he'll get. Right now his new bff is my schnoodle type dog, Mac. They're best buds..

    1. Ginger and MaryAnn are 3 years old now. We just love them...they have remained sweet all of their life. Kunekunes need I am glad that your pup is buddies with yours. Hang in there....summer is coming!

  12. Beverly, thought of you ..

  13. "doesn't get any better than this"... So True! hugz

  14. Looks like a perfect blue sky day . . .
    Love the parting shot . . . comfort . . .


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