Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day is Done, Gone the Sun

It's eight o'clock in the evening.
The day was long...
but so, so productive.

The garden and the pumpkin patch are finished.
The flowers are planted.
The watering is done.

The sun has set and an orange moon is rising in the sky.

Welcome to my second favorite time of day.

My first is, of course, sunrise.
First thing in the morning, when the air is filled with joyous birdsong,
and the sun casts a brilliant glow over the land,
the day is ripe with possibilities...
a story unwritten.

By the time the sun sets,
the day is past...
the chapter complete.

Everyone finds the comfort of shelter,

or finishes their last meal before the calm and quiet of night settles upon the farm.

There are some - youngsters - who have yet to find the rhythm of life
and need a little reminder that sunset is the time for rest.

I herd the youngsters back in their house,
tuck the rest of our friends in for the night,

and walk back from the barn to the house, Sam at my side.

There is a peaceful satisfaction at the end of the day knowing that 
all of our animal friends are safe and sound.

I love the rhythm of farm life...
the predicability of each day...
each moment filled with honest work and tender memories.
There is a comfort in knowing that tomorrow I will awaken and do it all over again.


  1. what a wonderful post. i need order and a schedule to be content. i love the end of the day when teddy is in for the night, the gardening is done, the family is fed and sleep is looming!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I'm sitting at my computer, door open so I can hear the birds and the sun is almost peaking over the trees. Perfection!!!!

  3. Beautifully said..You have such a command of the English Language..I'm very envious....Hope today is just as beautiful..xxoo

  4. Well said . . . very nice post . . .

  5. Day is done, gone the sun,,,
    slumber awaits, but it's never to late,
    to sit and relax,
    with your husband, Jack...


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