Thursday, May 15, 2014

Annie Gets Up Close and Personal With The Pigs

Yesterday was a typical Wednesday.
With farm help from our friends and neighbors, Jim and Kathy...
I was free to head to the city to take care of errands.

That afternoon I took Annie and the boys out for a walk.

We checked out the seedlings in the pumpkin patch...

It looks like everything is doing fine.
With rain expected over the next two days,
these tiny plants should get a good start.
And with the landscape fabric over the garden...
I won't have any weeding to do!

The rock garden is filling in with Spring color.
This little garden is so very cheerful.
Sitting in the garden swing next to it gives me much joy.

We checked on the bunny nest in the vegetable garden.
Tuesday night I had seen the bunnies out hopping through my strawberry boxes.

Yesterday afternoon, they were safely tucked back in their little nest...

While we were out, Jim and Kathy were just finishing up the afternoon chores,
and Kathy was herding turkeys.

Yes, this is how it's done.
Flapping one's wings makes the turkeys move just a little faster!

Our last stop on our walk was the pig pen.

Annie came in to visit with Ginger and MaryAnn, face to face, for the first time.

She was unafraid, yet unimpressed.

Moll, of course, finds her MaryAnn and sits for a spell...

"Hello, Moll," says Sammy.

Hello Ginger.

Really, Sammy?


  1. Cat on pig... sort of a Dr. Seuss 'Hop On Pop' moment... love that!

  2. sammy is such a dog! teddy would do the same thing!

  3. Fun Photos . . . Loved seeing Molly's perch . . .

  4. I love looking at your animals. It makes me happy:)

  5. Wonderful photos ! Oh my I love the cat sitting on the pig soo cute ! Annie is doing well with all her friends there , glad to see all are getting along !Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Those piggies don't know how good they have it. So loved by all! Annie sure seems to be fitting right in with all her new family. Yes, cat on pig, too cute!! Have a great day, hugs!

  7. Cute those kids together...animals are so amazing!! Yours anyway...haha!

  8. What a belly laugh this is! I adore all your animals Bev, and Annie sure is getting along with everyone nicely.
    I love the baby bunny! Your seedlings are doing great, and the flowers are bursting with beauty.
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day...

  9. HA HA! These made me laugh. I adore the kitty with the pig. So adorable. The bunnies melt my heart. Your rock garden is outstanding! Such pretty colors.

  10. Great pics...Things should get lots of water the next 24 hours..

  11. Oh how I love that piggy! Ahd a wee baby bun too! Things are looking great on your farm and I see the bunny pickets have found a lovely location.


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