Friday, May 2, 2014

After The Rains

There is something utterly delightful about the smell of the air
after it has been freshly cleansed by Spring rains.
There is a clarity that fills your nostrils and makes its way into your lungs...
an energy, a freshness that fills you with the smell of green.
You know how green smells, don't you?

On this particular morning, I drink in the freshness of the air
as a weary nomad drinks from an oasis in the desert...
quenching my thirst for Spring as my lungs inflate.

A morning such as this is as close to heaven as I can imagine.
And so I linger here, watching the horses...
breathing... in and out...deeper...deeper...
enjoying the freshness of the new morning.

Heavy rains left a small stream in the lowest part of the front pasture.

It is here, in this area, that the horses spend most of their time this morning.

I venture closer and it doesn't take me very long to understand their attraction to this place.

Moonbeam is grazing from a spot mid-stream...
nibbling, chewing...

then sinking his nose deeply into the water and drinking....



all at the same time!

It's a curious sight...and at the same time, a stroke of genius.
The horses have figured out how to do two things at one time.
And drink.

Spring may have lured me into a false sense of security,
but in checking the extended forecast...
it seems we are not to have any more freezing weather through Mother's Day.
So, I am taking a huge leap of faith and doing my planting a bit early.

It is my hope that this will enable us to eat our vegetables a little earlier this year.

Either that, or I may be eating my words.

The cool weather crops are in and will be fine, regardless.
The risky planting is the rows of corn plants that I transplanted from greenhouse to garden.
If they fail, I can always start over and plant seed right into the ground.
But, if this works, we will be enjoying fresh organic corn on the cob weeks before anyone else does.
I'm not much of a gambler, but this year I feel lucky!  

I also got a little head start on my fairy garden.

I have much more to plant, and much more to design, paths to make, streams to make...
but here it is in the beginning stages...

There is even a little troll who lives beneath the stone bridge!


Oh goodness, it's Friday again!!
We have a quiet weekend planned...
taking delivery of hay on Saturday and working in the garden.
We'll be back on Monday with more "Tails" for you!


  1. the fairy garden looks great already! we had a beautiful day here today after an early morning downpour. i am with you. i am going to plant soon. i think our frosts are behind us. have a nice weekend!

  2. It's amazing how animals :figure it out"..Great pictures...Your Fairy garden is off to a good start..It was abeautiful day..Dry !!!

  3. Lovely post and photos ! I to love when the sun comes out after it has rained . We are still chilly at night and in the mornings so planting wont be done for us till our Victoria long weekend ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  4. Looks like the Eastern rains and storms didn't hit you too bad. Your place is so beautiful...wish I could stop in for a visit and meet all your friends. We got a good rain last week here in our Utah high desert. So needed and welcomed. I know what you mean about the smell of spring and to be outside after a rain. Good luck with your early planting....

    1. If your travels ever bring you through the rolling hills of Central PA....don't hesitate to stop for a visit!!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about smelling green. : ) Especially early morning. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be on your farm!!
    I'm liking your fairy garden already and look forward to watching it grow!

  6. Can't wait to see more of the fairy garden!! I have a few plants already for mine but too cold yet to start planting outside. Now I will leave you alone with the knitting and be onto the fairy garden!! lol Have a great weekend.

  7. Love your fairy garden but that's one UGLY troll! :o)

  8. I felt nearly the same way this morning. The temperatures are so cool and everything is coming to life. I wish we could keep the green here, but the drought and temperatures will soon converge to make everything brown.

  9. OMG! you are one super duper busy lady!
    Luv your Fairy Garden... When I was visiting Meri, we snuck over to the Hobby Lobby store and YowZeers! they had a ginormous 'Fair Garden' section! .. then I checked the HL store near us (1 1/2 hr drive).. and bummer, theirs was miniscule by comparison..SO that only leaves me with one other option... come visit you! lol! Someday girlfriend, someday... hugz & have fun frolicking in your garden.


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