Monday, April 21, 2014

The Weekend Update

Oh what a glorious weekend it was.
Spring came and stayed in all her glory.
Birds singing, buds popping, heart thumping beautiful weekend!

Saturday was moving day for the fainting goats.
They wintered in pens in Becky's yard.
(Becky is Hubbs' sister whose log cabin is also on the farm.)

Summer will be spent in one of the large pastures next to where our chickens make their home.

Moving day is a group effort.

Becky takes Smoochie and Chip by lead ropes and the rest follow.
If she did not lead these two, they would wander and before you know it...

As it was, the move went smoothly.

I brought up the rear with camera in hand...and whooped and hollered whenever any of the goats
made an about turn....
after all, who want to run towards a crazy woman?

This is the first time ever that all of the fainters have been together in the same pasture.
In past years, we separated the bucks from the does;
but because all of our bucks lost their manhood last year,
they can all be together now.

Of course there was the typical head-butting until everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. 

An offering of Ritz crackers took everyones' minds off of fighting.

Eventually, all was peaceful, and they set about the task of deciding
which house belonged to whom.

Sensing the excitement in the neighborhood, the chickens made a mad dash into the pasture...
a farm "mixer" of sorts.

Easter Sunday was a quiet day with a visit from Jen (Tyler's mommy) and her friend, Angel.
We had the usual huge farm breakfast with Mediterranean omelets, uncured local bacon, 
and monster popovers!

As is typical, the afternoon went "to the dogs",
as we sat in the front lawn and watched Annie play.

Annie is now magically "off leash"(just when in the front lawn) and doing great...

largely thanks to Oakley who has taken on a "mentor" role with our little girl.

Sam, on the other hand, is the perfect playmate...


as they wrestle around the front lawn.

Annie had her first bath...

and her first weigh-in.
In the two weeks since her arrival, she has gained 7 pounds!
Life is good!


  1. Sounds like a blissful weekend! Lovely to see all the dogs getting on so well together.


  2. What a glorious weekend for sure. Annie sure has made leaps and bounds in a short time. Seems so nice to see all the green grass and all the animals getting to enjoy their summer "homes". We still have snow, mostly in spots where it was plowed in banks but it is coming along quite fast now. I'm enjoying raking in the bare spots and by the time the snow is all gone I should be all done.

  3. What a fantastic escapade! Annie looks like she's not too sure about that bath! Enjoy many more spring days like this!

  4. glad you had a wonderful weekend! did any goats faint during the move? everything is opening here now!

    1. Oh, if only one had! I would have been ready with the camera. Our goats, however, are very used to being shuffled nobody fainted.

  5. Annie's first bath and gained 7 pounds, she is doing great and I just love it! Thanks for rescuing this sweet girl. We have a little rescue and she is the queen of the house. Terri C

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! We had a real mix of weather; Sat. down pour and Sunday gorgeous sunshine with mid seventies.

  7. So glad all went ok with goats being moved and Annie doing well all round ! Wonderful photos ! It was a lovely weekend here to and still is wonderful weather as I sit here this afternoon after some more yard work has been done typing on my lap top on my patio as the sun is shining and birdies are chirping and chatting . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. You are becoming expert goat movers among other things..First bath :) Probably first of many...

  9. I hope the does & wethers settle into their co-ed community & enjoy being in the pasture after so many such a long winter. Once the goats select a house to live in, do they take live in that house all the time or do they switch houses all the time? Your land is greening up quickly. The animals must love being able to get their 1st taste of fresh green grass.
    Annie looks like she has come such a long way in the past 2 weeks. She sure looks like a much healthier pup with that 7 lb. gain. I Love the expression on her face during her first bath - "What the heck are they doing to me now"? "What's wrong with being a stinky girl"?


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